I've been running since I was 16, the farthest distance I've ever run s only a half marathon, but right now I'm striving for a full! Send me the motivation!
Heathebmay Heathebmay
18-21, F
4 Responses Oct 20, 2012

Do it! That is awesome, and if you have the hunger you will take the bite. Enjoy it and have fun doing it! I have never run one, always wanted to, and will always want to. I hope I get the opportunity. Keep us updated on what you do! :)

I most certainly will

Here I am again. Train train train!!! You have the right stuff to do a marathon!! I do it and.....ugh.... Dare I say I'm a smoker. *~~*. I am also a half ironman. And still reaching for my dream of being a "full" ironman. And nothing will stand in my way. Nothing should sto you either. So run your butt off. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the words of encouragement friend!

Just do it!!!

go go go go go go go go go , I will push you further, go go go go go...... run for for your target... dear.... keep on go go go go ..... you are the best... hun..

Means a lot!