I Do It to Become Fit

I am not a runner for the love of the wind in my hair....

I was dabbling in running prior to my diagnosis with breast cancer.  The cancer treatment changed my body so drastically, I think I aged at least 10 years biologically if not chronologically, and my metabolism slowed way down causing me to gain 30 pounds in a matter of months.  I also ended up with a condition called lymphedema.  When the lymph nodes were removed from my arm it left me with this condition.  The lymphatic fluids don't drain from my arm properly and my arm could be prone to painful swelling...when I race (or do any kind of exercise) I need to have my arm in compression wraps....adding to my challenge....

When I finally finished treatment I started running again...well walking and running (you know what they say you have to walk before you can run)...

Now I can confidently enter and finish a race of four miles knowing I can run the entire way...I want to increase my endurance, but I feel like I have already accomplished a lot. 

My pace is over 11:00 per mile, and I suppose that some people can walk faster than that, but I am not trying to prove anything to anyone else...I am trying to prove something to myself.

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1 Response May 15, 2007

Tough kiddo, <br />
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I was runing in my twenties and thirties. I started out the same way you have as far runing for better health. <br />
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In the end, I was able to run 5 miles about three times a week. When my feet and kneew began to complain a little and I had produced a second child, I took up swimming. <br />
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It required a lot more calories and it got a ot more muscle groups trained plus it did not hurt joints or feet. <br />
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I was able to swim a mile with a 5 min. breat in the middle. This done three times a week whittled me down to nothing but muscle and bone.<br />
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I think cancer is less likely when you exercise and keep sugar and fat and cola out of the diet. <br />
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