"How many pairs of sneakers do you own??". I get this all the time. I lost count. I just got two more....two pair of "ironman" sneakers. They say ironman on them. I put them on. And I just HAD to run. They fit like a glove. I get a thrill wearing them.'s a runners thing!! They define who and what I am. Well, they define what I like to do... RUN! Can't show these off though. They're special. Until I search for yet another comfortable friend. New sneakers...yeah it's a runners thing!
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3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

i'm a runner 2. but i'm also a sneaker addict so i completely lose control.

As a runner I go thru 5 pair a year. Normally buy at the end of the year during the sale and buy 2 or 3 pair. Saw the Ironman shoes at Augusta Ironman.

What colors! :)