Being A Runner

It means something different to everyone but to me, being a runner means pushing yourself at every turn. Running is peace for many people, but for me peace comes only once I completely exhaust myself. It's kind of like what Pre said, "to give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift". Being a runner is a common mind-set that refuses to be defeated.
It's this mind set that won't allow me to quit anything just because it's hard. Last track season I had to overcome a few illnesses that threatened my abilities as well as painful shin splints (muscles in the shin tearing away from the bone, pretty common) even though I was often forced to take breaks and had sit out sit often, in the end of the season I ran my fastest 400 in a time of 52 seconds and helped the relay team win second in the state.
That's just what being a runner is. Pushing yourself to do better even when it hurts, and in the end surprising even yourself.
herofoil herofoil
18-21, M
Jan 16, 2013