Any fellow runner out there wanna help me with this project? (See cover image) The painting is supposed to represent my relationship with running, but i dont know what to do with the ground.. I was thinking maybe making it mud fading into track surface, but then i havent a clue what to do with the background. I know i already posted this under "I Run Cross Country," but i need as much help as i can get, so. Any idears are muchly appreciated!
peaceinmiles peaceinmiles
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So I had a look at your drawing (great by the way)
It pretty much sums up running for me. I know that I don't run, I feel trapped and quite tormented, so may be something that symbolises torment to you. I think the colours of fire would have an impact. Don't know if this would help?

Oops! Forgot the cover image.. You can see my last post to view it. Please and thanks