I Run Therefore I Am

I used to feel as if I could not say "I am a Runner."  I did not think I ran fast enough or far enough to make that claim.  Now I say it with pride, no matter what my current pace or distance is.  I know I am a runner because I have earned my stripes.  Every time I lace up my shoes and put on my T - I am a Runner.  My discipline and determination make it true.

sunflowerJoy sunflowerJoy
41-45, F
7 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Thanks NavyBrat. I agree. I am training for a 10K this summer. I have to train a little harder since it will be hot and humid. Every training run is a step closer to the10K finish line.

well congrats..... a goal being achieved.... you must be feeling awesome... you stay strong stay focused and healthier.... you take care ... ur pal diver

You "believe" Running 'Makes You Special'.<br />
I can "assure" you....Running "IS A SYMPTOM OF FEAR in your heart". When one "Is Afrraid", WHAT DOES ONE 'Usually' DO ? They "Run Away". The KEY word BEING "run".<br />
There are MANY!! other Activities YOU can "DO", to GIVE your Life MEANING AND PURPOSE. That "not only BENEFIT you, but BENEFIT OTHERS "As Well".<br />
Volunteers ARE ALWAYS "welcome"....at Homeless Shelters and Free Clinics. To "LEND A HAND" in Helping the LESS FORTUNATE.<br />
I, having BEEN A Homeless Person, ENCOURAGE you "To DIRECT Your Energies in THIS More Positive DIRECTION. please.

Wow. Half marathon. You are a runner!

koyptakh,<br />
2 hour runs are phenonmenal!!! Congrats. I did long runs when I was training for a half marathon. I haven't had any runs like that in a while. Hopefully you will get you strength back and be able to hit the road again.

thanks fro the encouragement WhentheWallsFell! It doesn't matter if we ever win any awards. We do it because we love it and that makes us winners.

Hi nblackwell3<br />
enjoy! I was but got a viral infection and was wiped out. I have tried to run again but just cannot manage more than a short distance. So annoying as it is fantastic! I used to run upto 2 hours. Great fun!<br />