Ooooh What A Funny Face You Pull.

I like many "TRUE" sadists Like the reaction the emotion put into pain just hurting somebody or thing isn't realy a kick, it has to be prolonged, go on for stretched amounts of times I have to hear the screams the crying. I have to feel the pain, shooting through their nimble bodies. taste thier blood without tasting. hearing their screams without listening. I have to make them look pritty make them feel vulnerable. I want nothing but to hear their heartbeat racing with the anatomy of screams tears and blood flowing from the tips of their body to the dripping of the bottom of their feet. I want to own that body I want to make and do beautiful things. I cant just stop I won't stop it is never enough it has to be more. I want to care for them I want them to know I am here always, I wan't them to know they will always be heard and they are not going through the pain and suffering alone but I will be their with them I will make them feel a great euphoria. I love them so much. The blood the scars. Oh I do share those yelps those tears those screams but its okay now. Its nearly over, I am nearly satisfied mith my toy my art.
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always been my strong point

acrimony I think your hot so far.

indeed he would. thank you for your input.

Very nice. I recommend the movie 'Ichi the Killer', for you two as we seem to share the same tastes. A very interesting story about an extremely sadomasochistic yakuza and his rival-a mad killer who gets off on women being raped, beaten, and cut to pieces in one scene. But the chick walks into it, describing herself as wanting to meet a true sadist who would cut her up into pieces with a cleaver in a very sensuous way. I know I'm sick but, damn. And I'm not heterosexual either, I just got a b0ner from the image she was painting and the way the words describe it. I guess my sadism cuts across my sexuality preference which I think opens up more possibilities. Download that torrent for sure. Oh and be sure its the uncut/directors cut version, theres a scene of a chick getting her nipples sliced off with a razor blade and an unseen penectomy/mutilation sh1t. The Marquis would like this if he were alive today.


sathanas were you been aint seen you in a while


oh music to my ears.