Breaking Him

This is my first attempt, so be gentle. This is kind of an introductory piece, much more to come if people are interested.

He was still unconscious when I stepped back into the small, clean room, but I could see him stirring. He would wake up soon. His wrists and ankles were bound, with barbed wire, to a chair that was bolted to the hard concrete floor. The walls were also concrete, and the only furniture in the room aside from the chair was a table carrying an assortment of knives, pokers, brands, whips, and electric batons. I closed the door and turned on the lights, waiting for him to become fully aware. After a couple of minutes, his eyes opened blearily, and he tried to pull his hand up to wipe them. A smirk flitted across my face as I saw his eyes widen in shock at the sudden pain of the barbed wire, and in his pain he jerked even harder. He let out a short cry, confused and disoriented.
"What- where- the ****?" He looked down at his constraints and froze. Panic began to rise in his chest, and he began to sweat. For the first time, he looked up and seemed to notice me.
"You? What the **** is going on? Where am I?" He tried to sound aggressive, but I could hear his voice trembling, and I could see his hands doing the same.
"Shut up," I ordered coldly.
"No, the **** I-" before he could finish, I strode over to him and placed my hand on his throat. He jerked back, and then winced again as the barbed wire dug into his skin.
"You'll do what you're told." I knelt down to his level, to see his eyes as I said the next part. "You don't know it yet, but as of this moment, you belong to me." His eyes were locked on mine, and I watched the fear inside them grow as I traced my hand down him from his throat.
"Nu-nu-nu-nu-no." He shook his head and tried to pull backwards as I traced around his hip and thigh. I grinned. His breathing was heavy now, and I could almost see tears welling in his eyes.
"This is going to be fun. We haven't even started yet." I stood up and crossed the room, examining the table. As I mused over what to pick, he started to babble,
"Oh my God, what the **** is this? Some kind of joke, right? What the **** is going on?" I picked up a simple, sharp knife. This time, this would do. After all, this was only the introduction. His eyes widened as I turned around, and he began to struggle in earnest. Blood began to seep from his arms and legs as the barbed wire pressed harder and harder against his skin, but he could no longer fight the panic rising in his chest. He started to yell.
"Get the **** away from me! Get that thing away from me! GET THAT THING AWAY!" I knelt by him once again and began to run the flat side of the blade down his collarbone and around his chest. Suddenly, I rotated the knife and pulled upwards, leaving a long but shallow gash in his chest. He screamed, a short yelp of surprise and pain. I put my mouth to the welling of blood and forced my tongue in the crevice, feeling his body thrash against the abuse. He screamed again, this time long and agonized, as I tore my tongue and teeth through the fresh wound. I tasted his blood- coppery, metallic- and felt his skin tearing off as I pulled with my teeth.
When I pulled back up, I saw tears running down his face. He was crying. Any pretense of authority or challenge had left him.
"P-please, stop it. L-l-let me g-" his words turned to screams as I dug my fingers into the widening, deepening gash. "When I get done with you," I promised, digging my fingers in deeper as I spoke, "you'll do anything I tell you."

So, is anyone interested? Sorry I didn't write more, I realize I barely got to anything, but I promise any continuations will have much more content. (Feel free to pan it if it's bad- I'm new to this and probably need correction)
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I am enthralled by this work i would absolutely enjoy seeing more work i have tried to do some of my own but never acctually thought to put it on this site fantastic indeed please do continue

Woa twisted, you might not remember me but we sent a few messages back and forth. That was awesome, i'm wanting more, it had so much detail and depth and I could almost feel myself stabbing the victim and biting through his wound and tasting its blood, do more, this was amazing

Great beginning. Thank you.<br />
May I suggest you use the pain slolwy..draw it out...let the reader imagine the torture the victim is feeling.<br />
Yo have a talent....if you don't mind, let the readers know if yoy are male or female.<br />
Keep going.<br />

I hope you continue as I love the subject.

Is the torture being done by man, woman,shemale, ? Plus how does he know the torturer ?

I didn't say on purpose, although if I continue the story, it may come out anyway. I would think that he had just met the torturer, maybe in a bar or some other casual place. He came home with the torturer, was drugged, and woke up there. That's how I envisioned it, anyway.

Just wanted to make a note here that "shemale" is a term used almost exclusively in ****. The poster of this comment is free to identify herself that way if she wishes, but most trans feminine people consider it highly insulting to be called that. ...Carry on.

Nono, definitely interested! More when you've got some!<br />
<br />
One small correction: it's "hip and thigh."

Oh, late at night spelling errors. I'll fix that. Thanks for the feedback!