My Pleasure From Their Pain

I being most certain the pleasure is yours to meet Me. I Madame Eva Evil am a shemale dominatrix,torturess,fetishist of un-repentant sadism, & versatile creator of inhumane pain. My fetish is for black kidskin leather clothes,underwear,corsetry,boots (with 5" or higher spiked heels) capes,coats,hats,& anything you can wear made from it. My major weakness is wearing black kidskin leather un-lined gloves. The way I feel sliding them on, wiggling my long shapley fingers into them, making a fist & then smoothing out wrinkles or pulling on tighter is a seductive experience for those watching I can assure you. Let me tell you about a party I took my slave billy.First I was dressed as usual. All black kidskin leather. I had a very short black leather mini dress with a open neck. I had a very wide belt that laced somewhat like a corset. This dress is long sleeved & slit in back. My straps from my leather garter belt show standing & it looks painted on. Thigh high nylon tops pulled tightly coming out of my Black leather 8" platform 12" stiletto heel boots.I felt more wicked tonight so I put a pair of razor Sharp spurs on them.I had black & silver rings bracelets earrings & necklacees adorning my gloved in exquisite black kidskin cuffed & a wide pointed gauntlet to my elbow gloves. My make up very smokey & vampire inspired. My choice if wigs being a shoulder length wavy styled exquisitely black big hair type. I also had my dark red ( almost black ) lipstick highly glossed. I wore a black wide brim hat with a thick veil & adorned myself by draping my black kidskin high collar vampire full length cape. I love how it flows as I walk. My slave was naked with a pink studded leather collar & pink high heels of about 3". I held his leash in one hand as I stepped out of the stretch limo the slave rented to take us to the party. Now this party is a homosexual affair. I know most of the dominant Masters who are invited & there are a few more shemales in attendance although I was the only one with a man in a leash.Out if my Gucci clutch I removed a 12" cigarette holder & a cigarette . My slave had a lighter he is to carry for me & he is my ashtray . He lit my cigarette as I was introduced( by my slave )at entry as is my requirement. I have an enormous ego & feel I truly have entitlement to do as I wish to those I feel inferior & that is most everyone you reading this included. I believe that shemales,transexuals & female dominantrixes are the ruling class .We decide what & who is worthy. Males not trans are inferiors. I'm a haughty, arrogant,self centered,evil shemale. I do not swear,loose control, get excited ( other than perverse sexual excitement & sadistic pleasure ) or raise my voice. I ' ve been told I am quite monotone of which I approve seeing I had aspired to it. As we entered I knew beforehand some of the homosexuals would need convincing as to my dominant sadistic viability. I kept cooling my cigarette with my slaves tongue along with ash deposit. I now had finished the cigarette. Slave was on his knees crawling behind when I stopped & ordered him to " lay back". When he complied I crushed the cigarette with my boot on his balls then had him lick my sole clean of ash. As he did that I removed my shecock from my panties " up on your knees here " as I pointed to a spot. I grabbed him by the hair & began to urinate into his mouth then I pulled him to me & rammed my urinating shecock into his mouth. I had a vicious cat -o-nine tails with thin beaded bands that I proceded to beat him with & ordering " now suck my she **** while I beat you ". I started off hard & soon he spit my shecock out & was in the fetal position on the floor trying to cover from my beating. I laughed & said " how dare you insult me before all these people by spitting out my shecock " without any inflectionof excitement or volume raising. "Now you pay " Ssssshhhhaaattttwwwwaaaaccccckkkkk again & again the cat struck him as he yelped screamed & rolled on the floor. Blood began to flow from his back, shoulders , & shinns. I beat him everywhere he had flesh. Then I took a whiskey from some males hand & poured it on him. Oh he screamed. I got someone to bring me a bottle of whiskey & as I poured it on his bloody welts " oooohhhhhpppppllllleeeaaassseee mumumuhhdddddaaaammmeeee pppplllleeessseeee mmmmeeerrrcccyyyy." Mercy ok get on your knees & how is this for mercy." "Pppppllllleeeaassseeee". ". Why yes darling how's this"? " All you that want to use his mouth , penis, or *** open house take him here before me so I can be entertained. He was destroyed & bleeding from everywhere. I sat & laughed at him received a blow job from a leather queer while whipping my slave while he was mouth & *** screwed. He was so abused & I orgasmed so hard 4 times.All from my cruel sadistic lust was such pleasure achieved. It was sadistic & evil bliss Madame Eva Evil
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3 Responses May 16, 2012

Hello, anyone there?

Madam Eva Evil:] thanks for the good read. I'd love to have a slave and go to a party like yours but sadly whenever I go searching for some I always get frowned upon, it doesn't bother me, i just wish i could find more people like me where I live

Amazing story. i hope for you and your slave that it was reality.<br />
Another demonstration of your superiority and another hook that magnet me to you unique and divine personality.