Just Another Rant

I want to rip and shred and tear and break and destroy. I want to smash someones nose into their brains. To ***** off knuckles with wire cutters. To slice tongues out of mouths. To drive a knife so deep into somebodys side until my fist penetrates their intestines only to cut open the front of the stomach from the inside.and them squish their eyes slowly until they pop like grapes. To drive 6 inch nails through their kneecaps. And set open lemons into their empty pathetic eye sockets. To shove a barbed wire into their *** and my knee into their throat to silence their pathetic squealing and sobbing. Feeling the rush of my blood as theirs cant flow. Until their face turns blue. Then purple until death. To unload a saiga12 full 32 round drum into a skull, until its nothing but goo to feed to pigs as slop.
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i am a polish girl from poland and this girl i know , her name is angelica ... she is such a **** yet feels so innocent cause she has that cute baby face ....
even more the joy when she is hurt and crying .
can you please tell her on whatsapp : kurwa , kill yourself you ***** , i am coming for you at kielce .
that would fill her heart with terror for hours . and she would probably cry haha
here is her number : 0048791561551

I have the WILL to cause harm to others. But I also have RESTRAINT. And it is this restraint that keeps me and other sadists out of prison. I enjoyed your rant, and hope to read more like it.

Yes I'm not the only one, and i would love to watch you do that to some annoying *****

tell if you did do this things for what reason.for just play,to just smell the fresh blood,to hear scream of pain and pleading for what reasons.to hear their last breath as they die.life is not once a game you can't just go about hurting because trust me when i say this it only comes back to hunt you.and what you do come back to you even three times worse if u keep thinking like that eventually its going to manifest itself and you will the and you'll just end up like all the other stereotypes in a straight jacket looked up in a mentally institution and frankly am a psychiatrist and i don't want end up this way if you want to talk privately add me and maybe i could help

i have never killed anyone. and i do not hurt others unless they deserve it or agree to it. believe it or not there are those out there that like pain very much. and i do believe in karma. bvesides. you dont see me going through ur stuff and bitchin about what u may or may not like. so please respect my personal opinions and preferences. thank you.

listen here you have no rite to tell me this **** your talking about which does not makes much sense frankly and no i do not respect your opinion because you sound like a serial killer and frankly i dont like people who sounds like they have the will to do that and yeah some people like pain but only people who are mentally ill or suicidal and i dont know if you are one of them but you look like someone who wants to give the pain and maybe its because someone did something to you am only trying find out why hurting someone or killing for a matter of a fact makes you so excited only thing that comes to mind is that you need help

Wow you have NO idea what you're on about. "yeah some people like pain but only people who are mentally ill or suicidal." You need to meet more people in the fetish community before you throw in blanket statements like this.

whatever may be wrong with me i am happy as who i am. im sorry you think such things about me and can only hope u have a great day. now please leave me alone.

alright watever i will leave you alone but when i see your face on the news about you killing children and killing hundred of people and **** you cant say nobody ever warned your *** so when you end up in jail for that **** and trust me men is rape in jail and **** or in a mental hospital you better remember the woman who tried to help your lil ***

whatever at least i told her

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Message to inbox. hope you fine.

I thought I was the only one who wanted to do that

haha. :) nope your not the only one

Is there a specific person that you want to do this to?