Kill At Home

Its quite twisted i admit, but seriously seeing pain inflicted on others is a real source of sexual excitement. Be it humans or animals for me.

Ok the story goes like this, It was one day that my parents were not home and there was absolutely no one home. This is when i started to get these sexual urges. So I decided to go to a nearby slaughter shop and bought a chicken. But instead of buying the chicken dead and processed, I asked for one that is alive, pretending that i wanted to keep it as a pet... lol..

I took it home, and I couldn't control my excitement at the thought of the pleasure i was going to have. For me the more I could hurt it before killing, the more pleasurable it would be, but at the same time I wanted to be hands free so that i can play with my thing.

It struck to me that the oven could be a good idea. So I took the oven to my bed room, put the alive chicken into the oven, got undressed, and then selected the grill mode with low heat(So that it lasts long) and then.... Pressed the start button. I started playing with my coc* as the animal jumped around inside in pain, It was so damn exciting that i got shivers in my body and then eventually as it died, I cummed with pleasure, Now that was like absolutely sadistical.
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

I don't think you're just a sadist by this action but possibly psycho/sociopath. My guess is psychopath. Killing animals is a common sign for this and is generally a precursor to killing humans later. Can't be sure though.