The Penny Drops,...... Yes, I Could Well Be A Sadist

By nature I am not a cruel person, quite soft in fact. never been cruel or to animals, never been nasty to children or elderly,  My sadistic dark side

I call it my dark side.  I have never been sadistic in real life, not physically sadistic I mean.  Mine is more fantasy, fantasy of torture and inflicting pain on another.  This fantasy has triggers that will just come to mind, I will see something or hear something then it comes to me...........the *********, the ******** *** *****, the ******.  the ****** **** and the delicate ********** of the filthy ****, "eat it you ******* mongrel **** (spit on him), low maggot" 
Is this sadistic or do I have 'issues'? 
I will be pleasuring myself as my slave kicks this low mongrel in the guts, I **** all over myself and finger myself in front of this mongrel maggot, my slave will usually come over and give me a nice wide lick before he presents a bloodied ball sack.
because it is fantasy, does it still count as sadistic or not?
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Jan 7, 2013