Is This Man A Sadist?

I believe my FIL may be one. The first time my cat ever saw him, it ran over and bit him and looking back I thought it was really strange. Then, as I got to know him, I realized he was a bully. Originally, I thought he was merely a sociopath, because he was always verbally harassing people, but then I began to wonder about if maybe he was actually a sadist... here's why.

-he's a firefighter/don't they enjoy fires and things like that?
-i have seen him laugh about other people's misfortunes and he snickered when he disconnected someone's water/he works for the city
-he's an extreme control freak
-he put a shock collar on his dog and when we moved in w/them several years ago, he right away took it off/hoping we wouldn't see it had eaten into the dog's skin and made it bloody?
-he has really creepy eyes/a Ted Bundy type-stare
-he likes to play psychological mind games and do things to annoy people
-he's got a piercing stare that you notice from across the room
-i'm highly sensitive to people's energies and his presence makes my skin crawl
-one of his inlaws kept alluding to the fact that him and his family "were nuts" the very first time i ever met him, as if he knew something about them...
-i realized after moving in w/him that he would twist around my words...

Psycopath, bully, sadist or combo? Can any of you help me out w/my curiosity?
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

Sociopath was your first thought and it's most likely the truest ones (this is the second case I've seen where I would say this is what's going on on this site) I dunno if he's sadistic as that's usually a reference to sexual gratification by way of seeing or giving someone pain through physical and/or emotional means. But all his behaviors point to sociopathy. I'd watch out if I were you. Not all psychopaths/sociopaths (he seems to be a dead ringer for sociopath) are killers, but the point of it is that they do not care about others, period. They can't, their brains are not wired to care about anyone but themselves and with sociopaths they're egosyntonic, basically meaning they do not know of their behavior as being weird/cruel or anything they should realize/worry about. They can not see what they are, they can't admit it and it doesn't register. In my opinion they're more dangerous then psychopaths for this reason. A psychopath's entire gambit is apathy for the most part. They simply don't care period and in my understanding, they usually act like normal people unless someone gives them a reason to hate them. Sociopaths hate right out of the gate as it's an anti-social disorder.