I Am a Sadist

I'm a 23 year old sadist. Only physical not emocional. I find very sexy to hurt my sex buddy , and to see a little bit of blood. Unfortuanally for me my current parner dislikes pain. Having a sex slave would be nice too.  I would say that it's because im an artist and i see the beauty in darkness that i'm this way.

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Since I was about six years old I've had thousands- hundreds of thousands, maybe- fantasies of brutally torturing young woman. Some of these woman I know personally, some are invented.

I am 20 now and I've never admitted this. Of course, I've also kept it a secret that I've killed 3 young woman since the age of nine. I'm just not concerned about being caught over the internet- what a ******* RELIEF it is to be able to brag.

Maybe you should try it. You don't seem "like me" but who knows, it might just provide a fix for those cravings. I don't recommend it if your a complete idiot, however. Lethal injection, anyone? ;)

@Elixor: Hehehe, that was a funny one.

I think consensual bdsm is magical, beautiful and romantic - as the masochist allows him/herself to be hurt more than s/he can handle easily, 'cause the pleasure of the sadist is so important.

If someone were to ask me to hurt them i would not think too much about it and do what they want.. actually i would love for that to happen, especially if that person is a cute boy or girl ....


This one has heard that joke so many times by Master telling her that for punishment He would not give this one pain. This one would never be Sadistic herself unless that came true and has though OK to get pain in a case like that this one then and only then would go over and bite Master causing Him to get angry, grab her hair, tie her up and beat her. lol But, then Master says this one does not want to see Master truly angry hmmmmm maybe this one does??? hmmmmm This one has even said to Master that maybe this one does and this one also told Master deep inside this one could be Sadistic too but chooses not to be and told Him where do You think these ideas come from Master for what this one wishes You to do to this one. Hence do not make this one angry give this one the pain she desires.