For The Female Sadists

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Personally I cannot stand SM **** of any kind. I find it fake and overdone.

Well here's my question.

Do you feel turned on by regular sex at all?

I mean I can have sex but it's just not much fun. I don't like being hurt myself during sex at all by another person, probably a trust thing since I will hurt myself to see blood. But I do have intense fantasies of watching someone get seriously hurt or raped by a man I am with. During sex with a partner I often have to close my eyes and drift to my dark place to feel any type of arousal. Most will say that my fantasies are just a terrible thing. But I have no control over what my brain likes. I think my fantasies differ a bit because I am woman. I love hurting someone during sex too but I always have the side fantasy of there being a disposable third person or woman to be more precise.

Anyone have these thoughts or fantasies? Are they constant?

I think about it a few times a day. Like a constant craving that isn't fulfilled.

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9 Responses Dec 9, 2009

I love the thought of making love to my husband while another handsome guy is slowly torturing a couple through the night for our pleasure, or having my husbad bull wip a female while I **********.

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Since I was about six years old I've had thousands- hundreds of thousands, maybe- fantasies of brutally torturing young woman. Some of these woman I know personally, some are invented.

I am 20 now and I've never admitted this. Of course, I've also kept it a secret that I've killed 3 young woman since the age of nine. I'm just not concerned about being caught over the internet- what a ******* RELIEF it is to be able to brag.

Maybe you should try it. You don't seem "like me" but who knows, it might just provide a fix for those cravings. I don't recommend it if your a complete idiot, however. Lethal injection, anyone? ;)

I am a regular guy love good sex with women. However when I was a young man I fell under the spell of a mature woman who taught me to be totally under her control and let her satisfy her darker sexual feelings. This opened up a new scene for me which I still like to partake in on occasions.

I am a sexual sadist.. but to me its only fun when I have a willing victim.. so perhaps I am just beautifully tainted by a degree.. only with my masochist do I love it...<br />
<br />
not with my other husband..we enjoy other things...<br />
<br />
You either are a sadist or you are not.. even being tainted by it is enough to make you one and if you don't have an outlet for these feelings you will either ********** alot or cheat...<br />
<br />
So its better just to be honest about who you are and what you want and you will find exactly what you are looking for.

You are soo right but easier said than done. We have to be very careful who we share that information with. I'm supposing it's just as tainted for a women to admit she's a sadist as it is for a male such as me to admit i'm an extreme masochist. for the chemistry to congeal between a sadist and masochist is a dream made in heaven for each. Trouble is could they really live a 24/7 life style with each other?

@ R Corpse<br />
<br />
NO U!!!!111!!!1

I have to admit I am not realy a sexual sadist, normal vanilla **** gets me off quite well actualy, nor I fantasize on molesting, raping or torchuring in a sexual manner. Just a nice 18 yo blond will do me nicely. Sometimes, I may look at a rape **** film but, to be quite honest, I am uneffected, by such brutality. I like y our style and would love to watch you giving out or traditional fantasy. But I have a low sexual out-take, And I don't need sex. They say a sexual sadist is the worst type of person their is.<br />
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Kind Regards,<br />

Many if not "most" women ARE sadists. How they express it is what varies the most. I have yet to find a woman completely repulsed when I stimulate these feelings in her via my masochism. Most women get turned on by some as simple as slapping a man all the way to full blown torture. I communicated for a month or so with a facinatingly intelligent woman at an alternative dating site. Outwardly, she appeared as your stereotype next-door neighbor. Once I got her taking, it turned out the she had extreme sadistic torture fantasies. She wanted to torture me and described graphically what she intended to do to me. If I had in fact met up with her, I truly believe that I would have been in far over my head with no escape. Her sadistic mind was so facinating but she was not my physical type whatsoever. Had she been physically attractive to me, my masochistic desires may have forced me to pay her a visit. I would have met up with her at her home, knowing full well that she would have probably inflicted me with permanent physically psychological damage. Women...... don't be ashamed of your sadistic thoughts. There is a man (or woman) out there who becomes as sexually excited by receiving it as you become by doing it.

go on then i will amuse you since i have commented on most stories today in th aspd forum.<br />
<br />
although admitedly male (not unless my parents kept something secret) I would love to watch somebody geting ripped apart and raped.<br />
<br />
one of my fantasies is having sex and chewing through the victims neck drinking their blood whilst 2 other bodies are hanging upside down above me with their throughts slit and blood dripping down all over my body.<br />
<br />
your fine nothing wrng with your fantasies at all, i think i just got aroused. <br />
<br />
type in google, irreversible, it is a french film and has one brutal rape scene.<br />
you could also try searching for {salo} it normal comes with a diffrent name but that has some wierd freaky sex scenes aswel.<br />
<br />
just go to {} their you can search for many films.<br />
<br />
I am going to open up a new topic their you can look at some of the sickest movies ever.