Who Agrees With This Quote?

"The essence of sadomasochism is not so much "pain" as the overwhelming of one's senses - emotionally more than physically. Active sexual masochism has little to do with pain and everything to do with the search for emotional pleasure. When we understand that it is pain only, and not cruelty, that is the essential in this group of manifestations, we begin to come nearer to their explanation. The masochist desires to experience pain, but he generally desires that it should be inflicted in love; the sadist desires to inflict pain, but he desires that it should be felt as love...." --Havelock Ellis

I'm curious to know how many others feel this way about sadism and masochism..

Is this the description of a sexual sadist? If so, I suppose I am one because this pretty much sums up the element of attractiveness. : D Seeing men miserable, sick, helpless, and disoriented is just as attractive to me as the pain itself.. >.< Bondage is hot on its own, but jesus, when combined with pain, it becomes a more complete work of art. Also control over a person's heart and mind is very thrilling too.

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i agree with the quote to an extent I think it is different for everyone. i have extreme sexual masochism fantasies and like to try and live them out for me there are to things stopping me,
first of all my partner is not into it so i only get very tame treatment from her (we have experimented just not as much as i would like) the other thing is my fantasies can be simply too extreme to live out. For me it is all about the emotion not the love but the emotion of wot is happening and being powerless to stop it ie bound/restrained i am only interested in pain/torture in my genitals crushing, pricing, cutting, burning and so on(i know it is different things for every one) i love to think the person doing this would be getting off on doing this and realy enjoy it. i guess just about anything i imagine a "normal" man would not want to happen to them sexually or to there genitals are the things i would like to happen to me and the pleasure involved would be the fact of wot is happening as much as anything and also i would enjoy the recovery time also if the other person/people were still around to remind me that thay did it to me for example if cut ask if it is still hurting the next day and examining how it is healing not in such a sympathetic way but because thay are enjoying seeing wot thay have done. so to sum up my long winded response i think a least for me it is about the emotion and the pain is a livable but essential bi product. hope i have been informative or you have at least enjoyed reading my responce

i love being put threw pain and its not sexual or has anything to do with love

I definately agree with this quote

I find this is what I look for... My friends actually laugh at me when stupid things make me pull away and say "ow!" because they say as a masochist I should like pain... I tell them "no, I don't like pain, I like the feelings involved."<br />
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Masochism is many things, but in my case it is the need to be taken down to my lowest level, brought to the brink, then the rush of overcoming it... it is much like surviving a car crash.<br />
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I also do it for my partner. I want my partner to feel manly, primal, relieved in the ability to work out their basic aggressive behavior.

Thanks for the comments guys. : )<br />
Glad you find it as inspiring as I do.

Yes i desire to be helpless in the power of a Woman who wants me as Her slave. mental helpjessness is the essince - unab.e to resist Her will - but physical helplessness - lying bound at Her feet while She phones a lover - is an experience of e xstasy for me.

Thats a really nice quote. I would say that's the 'ideal' description of a sexual sadists, but lets face it, many are out there, no doing it out of 'love'! It should be though!

Havelock Ellis clearly understood what sm really is about. And it looks like you do too :)