I am a Sagittarius ISFP and it is so abnormal. Sagittarius is one of the signs which is supposed to be purely extroverted, and here I am having a high 70% of introversion in my personality. That would explain how conflicted and torn I sometimes feel; the Sagittarius part of me drives me to gallop out, horse around and have fun bu the introverted part of me which is stronger than the extroverted part inhibits me, making me reserved, passive and very private, until someone gets to know me better and my Sagittarius side comes out. Or else, if I try to unleash my Sagittarius side when I meet strangers for the first time, the introverted side will assert its dominance and silence me, in the end ultimately making me look and sound socially awkward. Anyone has the same feelings/experience where your personality does not match what your star sign is supposed to be?
Tomtarin Tomtarin
2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

here ya loud and clear

I am a sag ISFJ... so I know the feeling :)