I Am The Opposite Of One....

after almost 2 years of being with him, i am not the sagittarius i used to know anymore. i've become sad, depressed, suicidal, lost, lonely, empty.... all the things a sagittarius is not....
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I've not seen an update for a good while now. I hope that if you didn't before now that you RUN, not walk to a good lawyer and sort out your situation. Hopefully you already have..

thank you once again. gonna shot that arrow when i am ready... be the sag i was once.... nah.... i think i'll give my heart a rest... i want to give myself time.... (arrows in hand) know when it's enough... hands on the hip and feet stomps the ground enough! arrows in hand (:

That hope that keeps buzzing in your ears that you mentioned and trying to separate yourself but finding yourself back in it again is not a weakness just characteristic or limited to sages. It's called human nature. We're all guilty of it; both genders. At least you know what you need to do. It's like a smoker quitting smoking or an alcoholic quitting drinking, both for good; you'll do it when your mind tells you that's enough. If you try before that, you'll always go back. But just keep in mind this... you deserve better and you're worth it. And that bow is in your hands, girl... it's just the arrow that needs to be shot from it right now is you... shot out of the predicament you're in right now. So when your ready... go for it girl, so you can change your screen name from Bitter Heart to Happy Heart. <br />
And besides, I'd bet there's a nice guy that you know or know of or knows you that you don't even notice who adores you and worships the ground you walk on and would treat you like the lady you are and deserve to be treated. All you have to do is notice, but those bad boys have a way of keeping the blinders on. I'll keep my hopes up and fingers crossed for you, girl.

that's so inspiring yeah i am an unfortunate sag. yes i do know what i have to do but "hope" keeps on buzzing in my ears, it's annoying. i have tried that hey, to separate myself... but i found myself back in it again (that's one of sag's weaknesses i think he he) like you said, i'll be ready when i am ready... right now i am not. i know what i need to do... takes a leap of faith. i will be fine, i know it... it may take all the pain and all the hurt, but i know a sag can always get through it. wish that bow is in my hands now hmmmm..... thank you (:

You poor lady! As a fellow Sag, I know what I am and have to admit, what a Sagittarius is supposed to be is pretty darn close to describing me, so, even though I don't know you or your situation, I sympathize with you. From what you described as your situation, even though you may not want to, I get the impression that you know what you have to do. The sooner you do and separate yourself from the situation, the better off you'll be. And I know... easier said than done. But dear lady, you're a girl that has a lot of living to do and ahead of you. True, you'll make the break when your ready or you decide you've had enough and deserve better. It's like diving or jumping into a swimming pool... the difference between the air and water temperature may be be a little awaking initially, but after that, when you get used to it, you'll find you'll be fine... and better off. <br />
Best wishes and don't give up.