I Am A Sagittarian

I am half man, half animal, the right handed archer. I have made a powerful connection with the mind of the universe. Through this Powerful connection I have been guided with valuable information. Since making this connection I have been writting down all that comes to me, and have written a manuscript.The timing is right for the world to know. I'm sharing with the world this valuable information to help all mankind. For a limited time I am letting members here at EP own a copy of my manuscript, before it becomes pulishized, and becomes a pubished book. Visit here: www.amindthought.com to  own your copy. You'll be happy you did.
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2 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Hi Fallflower, If you want it, its yours. You can download your copy at ( www.amindthought.com ) it is never painful when a rare opportunity comes your way to own something that will increase in value. I'm sharing this rare opportunity with only the honest members here at EP. I have posted a blog sharing with you comments I recieved from others here at EP who have read the manuscript, if you would like to read what others have said I encourage you to to so. <br />
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Have a Great day my friend, I'm just an honest guy who loves to share,

I want it before it gets pulishized. That just sounds painful, no manuscript should have to endure that.