Choose to Be Enlightened!!..or Don't

This one is where you choose to try... even if you've never seen...yet never even felt..however hoped to maybe feel....the other end of who you really are.  SELF DISCOVERY.  Figure out who you are...yes this means research, and not research on your family history (however interesting it may be).  Search with a drive like you see something and have to find it...its there yet so hard to find.  The more you learn of yourself is beyond more powerful than to figure out who they are.  Thats the next part.  Every individual is so complex and don't have the power to figure them out especially if they can't even figure themselves out.  That's kinda what happened to me..  For a brief 4-5 months or my life I started feeling......I mean really touch with my soul.  Not just my soul, but my mind as well....Meditation? if you will...with out any meditation.  Feeling a force driving from within...the most positive sensations I've ever felt before...Pure joy....with not but a drop of happiness going on in this negative *** world we live in.  Almost a choice hard to make and beyond harder to hold on too.  Find that and force it to happen as hard as you can....I tell myself all the time.. Sometimes I get that drive back...yet bound hopeless and down for how did I lose it.............
DestinationUnknown DestinationUnknown
22-25, M
1 Response Jun 25, 2007

there will always be ups and downs... we are on this ride for a short time and there are ups and downs on the ride but if you havg on with the best of your ability you will make it. I often ask "stop the ride I need to get off" but I don't and we are here and living for now.