How I Loved!!

My ex wife and I were born the same day Dec. 11 ,,,happen to both be sagittariens   and fire signs.  We were the love and lust at first sight..both played hard and both got what we wanted...each other...We were young....However to have found a twin flame that burned as deep as I did...We did it.  Just to soon....I read something somewhere that said you meet your twin flame throughout your life yet sometimes the fire burns so hot it can't be so seperation occurs  until the time in there lives are kindled again...yes I know Like what are you supposed to wait for it again??  Can't wait yet I know there are multitudes of soul mates and others to love, but the love shared between flames is not easily understood or figured out.  IN your own worlds the inseperation completely probable.  I felt pain from being away from her and she pained to be afar from me.  May seem like crush type junk, but the kicker is how deep it gets.. I felt her pain as I would go from her.  I felt her soul...She felt mine.....We dreamt of each other in the same dreams. awoke in shock for words need not be spoken.   That was when I felt love story
DestinationUnknown DestinationUnknown
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My eyes are watered over this story! I am at a loss for words!