I Am A Cosmic Archer

Optimism, adventure, bluntness, its all built into me. I always feel like I am wasting time no matter what I am doing. I always want to move on to the next thing in the day, or the next place. Even when I think I have what I want i find myself thinking of being somewhere else or someone else. I know if I just up and travel the world like my soul keeps telling me I will miss home so much, and while I am home I think of everywhere I could be.

It is very hard for me to think before I say something. If its on my mind I am going to say it. If i hold my tongue I find myself thinking later "**** I shoulda told that motherf*cker off right there on the spot" or "this would have been a better point to bring up in the discussion", so I always just spill my mind.

I also find a lot of Sagittarius often wonder what life would be like with another. Let me explain, Im a guy and I will be at work or out somewhere and I'll meet someone and I always find myself thinking, I wonder what being with her would be like relationship wise. Not to betray my partner (i have none right now) but it just happens naturally, it just pops in my head.

I have never ending optimism when the time calls for it. When someone else is being negative my positive side kicks in.

I want to see every single state in the USA, every country, mountain, place, person, I feel so alive when I travel from home. My mind is very active and I play alot of RPG video games so im always thinking of a way to be creative and put out whats on my mind in terms of adventure.

Half man half mammal. Shoot for the stars. GO SAG WOOOP

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3 Responses Dec 7, 2009

lol @ no off valve for sag thought process. Its seems i'm among other thinkers. i too long for travel and living in the past cause i love to help others and fighting. Back then fighting had more honor compared to the guns of today. I would love to travel to other places like japan and learn their ancient ways of living. To see what life really has to offer other than using internet. Sagittarius relationships are challenging and not all sag are honest. Some are manipulative. Remember that we can be BLINDLY OPTIMISTIC. <br />
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its not even the fact that im honest, its just whatever is on my mind I blurt it out lol. There is no stop valve for my brain to my mouth sometimes. I hear Aquarius is perfect for Sagittarius, but its hard to keep ones positive attention for long they get terribly bored in seconds. unlucky me lol. I want to travel all over, I wish i wasn't born in this time, I think I'd have more fun in the far past, things to explore and odd work to do.

Hi Hello sagitarious here!! I TOTALLY agree with everything you wrote. Especially the whole "I wonder what it would be like if i was in a realationship with that person" Yeah.. and i have a boyfriend too! and still think that!! But. Love is hard for a sagitarious. Its true. I have read it everywhere. Even two sagitarious' never last. And i've only been dating aries for 3 months and even a SAGITARIOUS can't keep up with that!! Or maybe he can't keep up with me. Hrmmmmm. But were romantic people!! And oh what else. i dont know. I love adventure mann!! AND WERE TOO HONEST HOLY ****!!!! I speak my mind to the point driving people insane. BUT good thing people ALWAYS come to me for advice or opinion because they KNOW im HONEST. (: I like that! And i wouldn't change being a sagitarious for the worldd!!! GO ARCHERS WOOOOOOOOOOH!