I Pick My Own Horoscope

I am right on the cusp

I am also a scorpio.

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5 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Same here. I usually read both of my horoscopes. Cusps can be tricky. One day I feel very Sagittarius-like and the next day dark like a Scorpio.

I'm on the cusp too, i'm sagittarius on the cusp of capricorn my bf says that i have traits of a capricorn but i tell him no and we get into arguments lol

Me too! November 22nd. I am more sagittarius in my traits though. :)

We have the same birthday :)

if I look at a horoscope in a newspaper the day of my birthday says I am one, but if I look in a magazine it says I am another-there is a one day difference in the "readings" on horoscopes this is called a cusp. The dates are not an exact science on horoscopes/signs-lol.

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