A True Sagittarius

The Sagittarian has so many good qualities and I could go on forever about them. We are the biggest flirts, have one of the highest sex drives and we are very intelligent. Our loyalty and honesty speaks for itself, we are definitely like no other. There is no other sign I would rather be than the Sagittarius I am.

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10 Responses Feb 22, 2010

I'll drink to that!.......lol

I am a true Sagittarius and I love it!!!! There is no other signs like this one.

all sags love animals. hahah so true. but i'm failing as a sag... sucks.

LoL I didn't use to think that I was a flirt but now I realize that I am, one of the biggest too!<br />
<br />
I am not sure if it is biased of me, but I do feel that as Sags, we have our own code of conducts which no other signs would understand and that is actually why I wouldn't want to be any other sign!

I love being my sign as well. Even my bad parts are good parts. Very passionate, love animals and love my freedom and my truth. I stand up for the understood and that is a great trait. Sagies make great friends because they are very loyal but sometimes they are a pain in the *** as partners because they love their freedom and are not so good at monogmamy. When you find a Sag that will love and accept you without trotting off into the sunset looking for something better... you have found a great person. I am with a Taurus man and he is stubborn and a true Taurus but we have come to accept each others faults and gifts. Thanks for sharing everyone... we are the best sign in the Zodiac.

haha maybe you are right

haha i like sagittarius but u like that all the time

ARIESnotDESTINY, yes we do have our faults.

you all are also moody and distant

Yes I did forget those things you are so right. Both of those are very important in our lives. Thank you for commenting on that I appreciate it.