I Married My Sailor...

...nearly 2 months ago. I planned most of the wedding during the 6 months that he was away on deployment, kept my mind busy and gave us both something extra to focus on when things were hard. Now we are married, after the single most amazing day of my life, and i get to spend the rest of my life with him. Knowing that we've got forever together put 6 month and 8 month deployments into perspective. I believe any length of time is worth that homecoming, the butterflies the few days leading up to the moment you see the ship come in, or you see him walking through the airport towards you. The nerves and the excitement and his gorgeous smile and the way he pick you up and spins you round like your in some cheesey movie. I love every second of that moment. And after marrying my sailor I know I have many more of those moments to come. Yey!
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3 Responses Nov 16, 2010

Aww you are living the love story we all dream of. Im only 19 but I dream of gettin married to my sailor everyday. I wanna spend the rest of my life with him and I think us being married would make it easier on me. congrats :)

You have the hardest job in the Navy!! Being a Navy wife is very difficult to say the least and especially when they are on a ship. My wife knows all too well since we started dating then 6 weeks later I went on a 6 month deployment. Now we are headed to VA since I am going back to a ship and she knows I will gone a lot which is why we chose VA since her family is just up the coast and can help her with our 3 kids which we didn't have last time I was gone all the time. Thank you for being one of those strong women that lets us be the great Sailor we need to be!!

most women say it's hard and i'm sure it is so. but sometimes distance is good for relationships. i guess it depends on the circumstances..<br />
<br />
that moment when you see each other again.. really something, isn't it?<br />
<br />
wish you 2 a happy life together!<br />
<br />
*kisses* :)