I Think Im Going Legally Insane...

so me and my boyfriend have been writing letters since he left for bootcamp on feb 16th.. but i'm running out of things to write to him about! i haven't seen him in so long, and i feel like i'm boring him with things that are going on back home, even though i know he probobly appreciates me talking about it and letting him in on whats happening..
What do you girls write to your man?? i obviously tell him i love him and that im still supporting him, but not being able to see him is really starting to set in and i just dont know what to write anymore! i feel bad i haven't been writing him everyday either : /

btw, my boyfreind is in chicago right now ship 02 div. 922 

Anyone else have that ??? let me know!!  how cool would that be?!!!!
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i''ve been writing emails to my man (while he is underway). i thought the same thing before he left and when i first started. but then i finally got an email back and he told me he read my emails every day, and he loved them. he loved feeling like he wasn't missing out on anything cause i literally told him about every single thing i could possibly think went on that way. i talked about talking to his mother and brother, any little trips i took, anything i may have bought or seen that day. and JLBx2 is right, don't write it like some letter, just pretend like you're talking to him. while i'm writing, i sometimes even pretend like he' talking back, and i think of questions and jokes we usually ask/tell each other. i know they'll make him laugh while he's reading. good luck, it'll be worth it!

Im always afraid that will happen, and people have asked me already, dont you run out of things to say? But i dunno I tell him everything, sometimes what Im learning in school if that would interest him or my family or if Ive talked to his mom, stuff about our future. I dont know, I never write it like a letter, I always write to him as if Im talking to him and that helps. I talk about old memories because I know when hes upset thats what he thinks about, place I want to go and things I want to do with him when this is all over. Basically through out the day if theres something I normally would have texted him say I write it down. And I dont like plan on writing a whole letter in one sitting, I keep paper in my room and write the date and time (the military way) when I start. When I talked to him on Monday he said he loved all the letters I send and that he gets one almost everyday and keeps a calendar of it to keep track. I know I repeat myself too, but whatever Im sure he loves that you do it! Your almost done!!! You can make it!!! :)