Because We Danced At Midnight.

I'll never forget the summer of 2011. When I met you. The hot, sticky air. Your Southern drawl that made my knees buckle. The crew cut. The way, somehow, we just knew where to go. When you smiled at me and said, "There you are" and then took me in your arms for another one of those comfortable hugs that I miss so much.

My heart aches, Sailor. I look up at the stars and ask myself, Is he looking, too? You promised you would. Promised to stare at the stars that "God made to match your eyes" My mind reels with the memory of you. The memory that haunts me. Your memory.

Do you remember, too? The night you left the group and walked away, and ten minutes later, when I wandered away to find you. And you said, "My girl, there she is. I knew you'd come." And we danced. There was no music, just the muted warbles of the ducks on the pond beneath our feet. Our lips never touched. But they whispered "I love you" Every night. And love you I did.

We danced that way every night, and you'd walk me back to my family, nod at my Mama. The perfect Gentleman. My fairy tale prince, cut from a cloth dotted with the same patterns as mine. No, I'm not your girlfriend, your fiance or your wife. Not your sister, you mother or even blood family. But I love you just the same. Because you aren't the kind of person that my mind knows how to push away,

I still write you, you know. Everyday. Someday, when you're home and safe, you'll read them. You'll know. You'll know that you're my everything, and then a little bit.  I promised you the last time we danced to never say goodbye. Goodbye means giving up. I promise to never give up, Sailor. Stay safe for me? I love you.
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