The Most Amazing Feeling Of Pride And Happiness Came To Me At 4:24pm Today...

I am a Sailors Girl 110%

My boyfriend and I have been together over a year and a half now. I knew well before we started dating that he wanted to join up. We had secret crushes on each other all thru high school. We started dating our senior year, and it just felt right. Amazingly perfect. Now I'm in college, and he is in his 4th week of boot camp. The first letter made me cry because he was telling me about how much he misses me. How it was sooo much more than he thought he would, he wanted to come home && just be with me. Just stay up all night and hold me. Yesterday I got a weeks worth of letters. He sounded better, not as sad. And then today, at 4:24, I got a phone call. I wasn't expecting it at all, not for a while. I pretty much stopped breathing. The first words outta his mouth were I love you hunny. I got to talk to him for like 5 minutes, and it was the most amazing feeling. He was telling me that his div won something today. And that he has past all his test so far. It was hard to say 'talk to you later'. Later I talked to his mom who said that he had voulenterred to scrub the bathroom floor with a toothbrush so he could get extra phone time. <3 He makes me soooo proud. And I love him with all of my heart. And I can't wait to see him, to hear his voice. That's my story, the short version. I love my Sailor 

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Yes I do :)

aww that is so beautiful!! You have a good man there.