Great Conversations

After being married to an idiot for 10 years (and trying to bring out his intelligences and failing miserably), I realized how much I am attracted to people that I could have a great conversation with.
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8 Responses Jul 18, 2010

So sorry to hear about your efforts; however, now you can say that you truly gave it your best effort. For me, nothing arouses the senses like a great conversation, oh, and a great pair of heels on a woman.

I agree, there is nothing sexier than a person that actually thinks and uses her/his mind.

lol hope my wife dosnt think that of me hihi<br />
conversation is very important

Conversations are most comforting :) I agree with you !

I love those times you just stay up for hours talking about everything under the sun. Happens online every now and again, but there's a whole other level when you can look into their eyes and read their body language. Nice bottle of wine or two helps as well...

Keeremara, I agree with S/voices!

Hahaha, I have been married to an idiot for 11 years!!! She can only talk about the same 3 things over and over again!!!

but be careful people are great actors, they are some thing else in conversation and do some thing else in normal life.. wish you best of luck..<br />
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