Never Knew There Was A Word For It

The brain IS the most erotic organ of the human body.  Think about it if you will.  Your senses get turned on by sight, smell, taste, touch, & sound.... anticipation... reading or viewing erotica.  Thinking about someone all day.  I like intelligent men the most!  I really like intelligent men who can hold a good discussion and who build things with their hands and look sexy in a tool belt or an apron or behind a vacuum!  ahhhh.... one can only dream!
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4 Responses Jul 20, 2010

We are out here... I can cook, sew, clean, take extremely good care of my two daughters, yet fix the car, lawn mower, build you a coffee table, help you with your family, roll you into bed (or the shower or where ever) and still hold down a good paying job doing something I like to do.<br />
I am 54 and I ain't dead yet.<br />
<br />
The first thing is to find a guy who lays off the booze, balances work with life, doesn't watch TV for 4 plus hours a night, and keeps a sense of perspective on this one chance you have on this world.<br />
<br />
Good luck.<br />

You think intelligent , domesticated men look sexy in a tool belt, too? :P

Makes two of us Syn...although the word does sound fabricated lol

Oh I have a great apron photo. lol. I wonder if I looked sexy in it though??? *wonders*