I Was Wondering If I Was The Only One To Feel This Way....

I keep saying to my boyfriend "Intelligence is so darn sexy on a man" because I think his brain is the most gorgeous thing ever! I adore people with a good sense of intellect, nerds/geeks/philosophers....
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Well it's like my boyfriend said to me "your looks are what got me hooked, but your personality is what kept me hooked.." :)

You've got that right! Intelligence is soooo very sexy indeed! ;)

intellisexual :)

socalman463 - you have summed up what I think about it completely :) Yes, it would be dishonest to say "Oh I'm a personality person" because, in actual fact, the first thing that 'grabs' me is the appearance of the person, and their personality is what makes me stay hooked on them. And anyway, I can only truly fall in love or have a connection if I am physically attracted to them. Thank you for your input!

Haha - boxers?