Aroused By A Battle Of Wits

I once knew a guy who could make me wet by merely speaking a sentence. His cogent analysis of any issue would regularly bring me to my knees . . . before his zipper.

A man with whom I can argue passionately, but logically, about issues on which we are diametrically and steadfastly opposed has my instant sexual attention. The angrier I get, and the more persuasively he argues -- the more I want to shut his mouth by shoving my tongue down his throat. The more he gesticulates to punctuate his point, the more I want to grab his hands and tangle them in my hair. I want to goad him into grabbing me by the throat and backing me against a wall. With each syllable of his cultured thesis, I want him to rip an article of clothing from my body. "Oh god, baby -- sink your contentions into my shoulderblade! Make me scream my philosophy! Let's make a two-person anti-social contract that fulfills our basic need to copulate with intelligent lifeforms! I want to **** your brains out!!!" Literally.

Does this make me sapiosexual?? :-)
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LOL!!! Thank you for bringing a Big Smile to me this morning!
The mind of a person is indeed the way to draw me to them. It can make someone so beautiful in my eyes that thoughts of them continue throughout the day and into my dreams.
You stated this with such passion! that I could see this in my minds eye.
Thank you.

I want an incisive, inquisitive, insightful, irreverent mind. I want someone for whom philosophical discussion is foreplay. I want someone who sometimes makes me go ouch due to their wit and evil and horny sense of humor. I want someone that I can reach out and touch randomly. I want someone I can cuddle with in flames of fire and yet feel as if we're one in tumbling cool weeds. Find my brain unceremoniously functioning in a world of bottomless lather of such insignificance trying to transform lost souls to no avail. Wipe the sweat of my brow and rescue me to my bed as you cover me with your overpowering sense of being. Let our energy collide and create vibrancy.

I decided all that means that I AM sapiosexual. I think you may be as well. Just saying. :)

Hmmm I think I know the author of what you just posted.

Mr. M. Ister. Mr. "****" word himself.
I added the last four sentences to make it my own. Sounded better that way.

Wow, this makes me feel like a real woman when this happens. I love strength in mind and word. It attracts me more than touch, more than look, more than pleasure. I completely understand.

Who cares what it makes you, that's hot!!

& that's very sweet of you! Thnx for commenting. :-)

You're very welcome!

I understand Every. Single. Word. This is why I've eyed a few profs in my time ;-)

Oh and yes.... you're a sapiosexual!

Guilty as charged! & absolutely brazen about it.:-D -- No doubt your college years were quite the (intellectually) stimulating experience. Mmmm... *wistful*... I DO so miss those halcyon days of academia....

Ah yes.... I do so enjoy higher education... I fear there are not many places to obtain intellectual discourse these days... when I find it, I grab it and feast!

Oh no no.... do not give me that much credit, Crazy! (you are sweet though, thank you)

Yep----sounds like me--I know exactly how you feel
learned there was a name for it several years ago

Thanks for the comment! Expanding the vocab's not a bad thing, no? ;-)

That's a really interesting interpretation of your sexuality, it seems like you've thought about it quite sensibly.

I don't know if you've heard of the term "Sapiosexuality" but it sounds like it might relate to you. There is a bit of contention over the proper meaning or use of the term Sapiosexuality, ranging from an attraction towards raw measures of intelligence, to a person's intellectual, emotional and psychological wisdom in general.

In actual fact, the Latin root word sapien or sapere, means to know, or be wise. Indeed it is this knowing, or wisdom, that defines our species - more than raw measures of intelligence alone. Furthermore, it can be argued that a person's understanding and appreciation of the world is a much more meaningful measure of a person's value as a partner than intelligence alone. What do you think?

If you (or anyone else for that matter) is interested in learning more about the concept of Sapiosexuality feel free to join our facebook page -


Come on Damian... *smiling* REALLY?? It would appear you're either packing a REALLY subtle wit -- or simply seizing a boilerplated opportunity to hawk your FB page. Either way, *sigh* thanks for posting.

Rather emphatically so I would have thought! This is the best story I have read on this topic.

Grunt, I'm still tapping my fingers waiting for those "stories" to appear on your profile, guy! A gal can only wait so long y'know! ;-)<br />
<br />
Sunshine, don't sell yourself short -- I'm sure you're pretty darned smart! :-) Thanks for commenting!

I believed her; don't think she was faking it. It's funny, I kept wanting her to touch herself, to take herself over the cliff that she was clearly on. After the hullabaloo died down I said, So, you finally broke down and touched yourself?! She swore that she hadn't. Sent me two texts the next morning saying how good it was. Made me smile.<br />
<br />
Am too modest to go into how imaginative and articulate I am... (but I could tell you stories!!) <br />
<br />
Probably part of the reason I am an artist (among other pursuits) is that my sensitivity and intuition lead me into feeling where the energy is and being able to exploit it, for both our benefits.

Mmmm . . grunt. "Not even touching herself in any way???" That's hot! ;-) Either you're VERY imaginative & articulate -- or she was VERY imaginative & convincing!

WOW! Can I steal your post for the part of my profile where I'm describing the kind of gal I'd like to meet? I feel... tingly.<br />
<br />
Fact is, had a g/f sort of like that once. She was highly intelligent, COULD REASON, could argue and fight with me based on the facts, not some ad hominem crap, and love me (or let me love her) when it was done.<br />
<br />
Talked a woman through an ****** once, on the phone, and she swore she wasn't even touching herself in any way.

Awww . . . newday, a standing "O"??? And to think we've only just met - you shouldn't have. <br />
Luckily, I had fun. Glad to hear it was good for you too! ;-)

i had a different kind of standing O after reading this! wonderful story!

Very kind of you. Indeed, it gives me great pleasure to oblige. EP's just that generous sorta place! ;-) Thnx for commenting.

Bravo!...... ~~~standing and applauding~~~~ I loved this post. In answer; since I really don't know what a sapiosexual is let me offer this instead. You have a delicious sense of humor and are obviously a HOT woman fully in touch with her sexuality.

*chuckle* LL, I'm actually blushing a little that you read this! What can I say? I was seized by inspiration during one of my wackier moments. Can't take it back, tho -- sometimes I really feel this way! Thanx 4 commenting. :-)