Like A Moth To A Flame

Non exhibitionist intellectual prowess is among the most tantalizing of qualities to me. I delight in extensive and depth -filled exchanges with an interesting person. It matter not how attractive an individual is; if they cannot offer stimulating conversation, they will be unable to stimulate anything in me, period.

So show me the sensual intricacies of your gray matter… display a vocabulary that spans a sea….make my synapses fire and I will long to flick your brain with my tongue.
RedRubies RedRubies
41-45, F
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You know that really what this boils down to, Rubies, don't you? You just don't warm to bores...

Love to have my mind stimulated properly by an intelligent gentleman.

There is nothing like it Rombusin! Agreed.

It\'s more about being different than the majority.

Moth? Like a growling lioness looking at the approaching shadow with tense muscles... waiting for her pray... or tamer.

Which one could bring her more joy? A bite in the defeated... or a fight for a bite in her own pulsing flesh.

I feel very much the same, having said that met some great ones here........ please read my post interview with BraLess Candy..... I interviewed someones brain and was such fun!


I will check out the interview when I get a moment. Thank you for your comment :)

Yeah when we're done making the beast with two backs, I'd like to have something to talk about...

That is my preference also!

Oh just made me sigh audibly in pleasure. Thank you!

That is high praise from a lovely source; I thank you!

OK Rubies - which one have you got the biggest crush on, Dragon or Garcia?

I truly wish you could hear me crack up... HAHAHAHHA.. how could I possibly choose? I must say... Garcia has never complained about my references to mace...(immunity comes with the job, I suppose)

I do enjoy a good verbal (or in this case, keyboard) ***** slap... both of the aforementioned gentleman have issued them admirably in sorely needed instances and annihilated their intended target. The ghoul in me appreciates it ;-)

The image I am having right now of a tongue touching a brain!! *stares off into space*

Don't say you don't love it...

*washes brain for proper presentation*

*likes a man with good hygiene*

Ohhhh, you give me goosebumps!

laughing.... *hands you a blanket*

Something I find extremely attractive: someone who can tell amazing stories, especially with the right voice, timbre and intonation. Nothing better than listening to a good story with your head against his/her chest, eyes closed and focussing on the fascinating ride. <3

So very true; one of life's little pleasures :-)

Gosh, ah think ah ben giving ya alla ma smarts and hear ya'ar lookin fo moor. Whatsa guy gonna do?

Well if you've been looking for smarts on the moors, there is the first problem ;-)

"Pleasure my senses, and you can have my body. Stimulate my mind, and I will give you my soul."

Amen to that!

Oh, bollox. And I could almost hear the knicker elastic snapping.

What you hear is actually the sound of a taser being switched on. I would have thought this was a familiar sound for you? Cough.

Laughs like drain

hahha.... excellent ;-)

Now I'm really excited. Was that the sound of a police tunic being unbuttoned?

*Tells Bob to do his shirt back up*

Is that the smell of a spit roast cooking?

No GM, that's my perfume - it undergoes chemical changes when I'm laughing

**** it, I can't even manage to be properly offensive. I'm going back to writing poetry and sighing.

Oh don't give up so soon

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I'm working on digging out the sensual intricacies in my brain and when I get done there I will work on the "vocab span" but till then I'll just keep stalkin ya!! :D I have never had my brain "flicked" with a tongue before so it'll totally be a goal to set for my New Year!!

Warning! Warning! Anyone who wants to lick my brain should (please) start behind my ears

Good idea damselfly!! :D

I third that!

I think the quickest route to the brain is through the nose... you just have to find someone with a long enough tongue and who's a bit kinky, okay, very kinky... extremely kinky?
Licking someone's ear or nose isn't too disgusting if you love someone, as long as they're clean and the owner of those really really likes it. :-p
To the brain and beyond my Superfriends!

Behind my ears is my absolutely cleanest place

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Yup. Brevity's good too

Yes. I'll let you know when I master that ;-)

Delicious Ruby, your words are as smooth as caramel... & the last line sounds really rather familiar. Lol! ;D

You are equally delicious. (And oh! Great minds think alike Sonnet! *beams that someone understands and pulls an extra large brain from the freezer for our dinner*)

Yum yum yummy! :)

Eeek, so you wold lick my brain, well that can be very detrimental and would forestall you from enjoying an intelligent person's conversation. Also, gray matter is not the only type that is involved in thought! well just some pointers for ya

You'd have to be very lucky to have me lick your brain ;-)

I would actually be very unlucky and it would be most likely a fatal lick!

*but you'd die happy ;-)

Sweetbreads anyone???

Ooo a nice change from brain!

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Well said Ms. Rubies. I, too, feel the same way.

Thank you King. And that does not surprise me in the slightest!

: ) I love intelligent women and thank God that I married one.

I LOVE you two together... it makes me happy to see my friends perfectly matched :D

Ms. Rubies, you are a kind lady. Wilde is my sweetie.

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