Nerdy Guys Make Me Swoon

Back in college I remember entering a class and just zoning out, waiting for my professor to start talking on the first day of school. She asked us a simple question: "About what time did the crusades start?"

I was sitting in an honors class so I relaxed back into my seat, knowing that my professor didn't need my assistance, that there were plenty of nerds in the class ready to save the day. Just then, a soothing male voice said with perfect precision: "The first crusade was set forth by Pope Urban II in 1095."

The answer surprised me. I turned to look at the guy who just spoke and saw a well-kept, fit, attractive nerd. He was smarter than me, much much smarter. I was chicken feet compared to him. And omg how that turned me on!!!

There he was, this amazing, porcelain skinned, dark haired, blue eyed guy with the most soothing voice I had ever heard. (Cupid's arrow struck pretty hard, it probably even left a mark!)

I love smart guys. Omg I love love love them!!! <3

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Man, I really like The Crusades, I have even written a history topic work on the first three Crusades. It's not like I want to show off or something, but I would like to appoint that anyone who likes speeches should read the speech that Pope Urban II held at the Council of Clermon in 1095. It is very inspirational and surely one of the most influential speeches in world history.<br /><br />
After the speech, the people around started shouting: Deus Vult! Deus Vult! (God wants it!) <br />
That was the begging of The Crusades, soon after that People's Crusade set off to Holy land, and on the following year knights and soldiers of Europe started the First Crusade, which eventually managed to capture Jerusalem. (This wasn't copied from Wikipedia)

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funny that, what stays in our memory, stark, clear, fresh. And what may have happened. <br />
I remember reading about Charles Dickens, his character in Great Expectations that was the love-interest of Pip. Dickens had his own real version of her (Estelle?). He lost her then met her again when he was famous, and wondered WTF was that all about?! But the sense of longing and loss stays with us. I still do not understand it, but share your memory.

hahaha, effervescence that's pretty funny ^_^

"braiiiiiiiiins!" <br />
<br />
...sapiosexuals remind me of zombies :P

No, unfortunately. I chickened out and never spoke to him even though I had a chance one day. ::sigh:: Maybe I'll find another guy like him one day!!