I Need A Title?

Interesting, I'd never seen any sort of term such as 'sapiosexual' before, nor had I ever considered there to be such a term to exist. However, in thinking on it, it does rather fit a more intellectual crowd searching not for a good body to lay, but rather a good mind to keep company with.

To find yourself lying beside an empty shell is a rather despairing image to think on, but the emotion it provokes is rather fitting of the example of why people seek out people of intelligent minds.

Of course, there are various degrees of intelligence to consider. But perhaps someone merely on the same level should suffice? Or not? That's rather difficult to say. It's far too much of a generalization.

For myself, I think some sort of balance needs to be obtained between the physical and mental prowess of the partner you're searching for. Of course, that system only works if you're interested in sex and sexual behavior as being a stronger aspect within the relationship. Whether it be a good tension release or a form of expression between two people. Either way, or any other way you can think of, it makes sense to me.

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Indeed. Corpus Bones!<br />
<br />
Sorry...reflex after reading Catherine, Called Birdy.

It's from "body" in Latin-"corpus", I thought it'd suit...but you're right, it sounds as if it was associated with necrophilia...<br />
...though you could say that love for the body and face solely also has something in common with it;P

That sounds more like a person who is love with corporations or just bodies...which could leak into necrophilia.

Than there should also be a term for people, who are only interested in looks and prefer little brain added to it ;P...hmmm...maybe corposexual?(just kidding;) )

Sure, that makes sense. I just never thought that there was a term for it.

Sure it does, but to be honest I don't see a reason to announce it about myself.<br />
Most of us are sapiosexual, it's just the degree of it that differs.