I'm Not A Satanist, However, I Like To Educate Myself...

Please, can somebody explain what is satanism and how is luciferian worship different? Also, how do Kabbalist teachings coincide and as well where does the illuminati fall into this realm of worship? Would they also be satanists? Thx!
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Go to YouTube and check out the following video its called:
Luciferianism and Satanism - brief comparison
by Michael W Ford.

To be a satanist first of all you have to believe there is no God, Jesus and Holy Spirt because they are his arch enemies and biggest threat. It is totally againt God and everything the Bible teaches us about God. Not a good move or intelligent one to get involved in anyway with this kind of thing. They believe in animal and human sacrifices to the Devil and that is up todate not only a 100yrs ago. You will notice that around haloween young adults and children are on the news as missing. Well? I better end here but trust me it's BAD news and something to stay clear of.

lol, BreakMeSW got it right, after all here you are.

As I said, people will try to force they're ideas on you. Case in point.

Personally, Id suggest finding the information and coming to your own conclusions. People will often try to force their ideas on you if you dont. <br />
Best of luck in your search!