Satanism Vs. Catholicism

Satanic weight loss
Motivated by lust, pride and a bit of greed, I decide it would be best to lose a few pounds. I realize gluttony and sloth are also options, but for now I want to improve my chances of getting laid. I figure out how to lose the weight and because the desired result works, I keep it off. If I start to gain, I admire myself in the mirror and am quickly back on track. In addition to looking better I also feel better.

Catholic weight loss
After a thoughtful examination of conscience, I realize I have a problem with gluttony and or sloth. I visit the priest, confess my sin and receive absolution. I firmly resolve, with God’s grace I will not eat too much ever again. I am successful for a few days, then yield to Satan’s temptation and end up gaining more weight than I lost. Once again guilty of gluttony and sloth I head back to the confessional – the cycle repeats. I am heavier and remorseful.
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not even a satanist can be more evil then the cathlic religion

You sir, get 10 internets

You are one of a kind. I miss ya.