Satan Is My Lord And Helper

My express purpose in life is to corrupt the youth and destroy traditional values. I hope to perpetuate the sin of sex outside the bounds of marriage, and specifically, gay sex as part of the homosexual agenda.

My main goal, though, is to find Jesus the Christ reincarnated on Earth and defeat him in these latter days. God Almighty and Jesus Christ are my sworn enemies and I shall do anything in my power to vanquish them, including raping small animals and suffocating babies with Target bags.


theanonym0us theanonym0us 36-40 8 Responses Jan 28, 2013

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Satanism isn't about that, troll. Nice try.

Lol lmao good one troll, thats comedy!

Leave him be, he is either a troll unworthy of our attention or much too mentally crippled to accomplish any of what he said.

Feel ******* cool? You sat behind a computer screen and typed up some adolescent drivel with devil worship buzzwords.

You are going to hell!!

I certainly hope I am.

I hope you all get death penalty. Every one must responsible with their crimes.


why are you telling everyone of this? If you realy want to do all this you should keep it to your self. Also why in detail do you hate god?

Party on.