Satan Is My Lord And Helper

My express purpose in life is to corrupt the youth and destroy traditional values. I hope to perpetuate the sin of sex outside the bounds of marriage, and specifically, gay sex as part of the homosexual agenda.

My main goal, though, is to find Jesus the Christ reincarnated on Earth and defeat him in these latter days. God Almighty and Jesus Christ are my sworn enemies and I shall do anything in my power to vanquish them, including raping small animals and suffocating babies with Target bags.


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Your not a Satanist and never will be. Dream on
You have had your head screwed by other idiots on the net.

Satanism isn't about that, troll. Nice try.

Lol lmao good one troll, thats comedy!

Leave him be, he is either a troll unworthy of our attention or much too mentally crippled to accomplish any of what he said.

I sincerely hope your right and they are not mad enough to hurt the innocent
I am a Druid and people like this make me feel ashamed. I love my animals deeply and would hate somebody who even thinks like that. As for kids My two year old granddaughter would lay him/her out in two seconds.

Feel ******* cool? You sat behind a computer screen and typed up some adolescent drivel with devil worship buzzwords.

You are going to hell!!

I certainly hope I am.

I hope you all get death penalty. Every one must responsible with their crimes.

That was very Christian of you. I think the bible also tells you to love your enemies although cannot see why a Satanist would be your enemy.


why are you telling everyone of this? If you realy want to do all this you should keep it to your self. Also why in detail do you hate god?

I hate god and christianity too. What has the xian god and christainity done for me? I would rather live free and go to hell, than be a xian and want anything to do with god.

Look neither Satan nor God is there to do anything for you your here to stand on your own feet and look after yourself
There is nothing wrong with any beliefs it is the way the believers relate to what they believe
Anybody who relies on Satan to give them powers they are too weak to obtain for themselves has rocks in their heads

Why don't you just crawl under a rock somewhere and do not worry about Hell that is not an option for you Satan does not choose the weak and spineless

What have I written that would make you think that I am too weak to take care of myself or that I am spineless? These are not characteristics that have ever been associated with me. I do agree, I do not need anyone or anything to give me the strength to get what I want.

Ok was not trying to respect you People like the author make me sick I do recognize the fact that you are not the author.

Anybody who turns to Satan hoping for a power that they are not due or not entitled to any shape or form have to be spineless they cannot live without it.

I will also tell you something else these people who think they have the power and those who threaten others have nothing more than a superiority complex they are would be if could be. Trust me they will remain would be.
They do not have money no personality and no back bone so turn to Satan.

A true living Satanist would not spit on this kind of person. Those who practice the craft and hold high positions would not come any where near you.
You would never find them dressed in black with candles performing cruel and uncalled for tasks either.
As for the powers you people think you hold you could never touch me or come to that anybody else on this post. Best you guys can do is an internet boot.

Did you actually read my initial response to this story or are you really directing your comments to the original author of this story? I sense you are going after the wrong person in many ways. Please read my initial response to this story and point out where in my initial response I said I was a Satanist? I wrote I hate Christianity. You can do that without being a Satanist. I wrote that "I would rather live free and go to hell, than be a xian and want anything to do with god." My point was that if you assume there is a hell, I would still rather live my life free of religion than be a slave to some god. I don't need no god or religion for anything. Perhaps some Satanist do things differently than the original author; don't know and don't care.

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