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His Path Is Freedom

My satanism is simply freedom.  It is the recognition that we, humans, are the masters of our fate and cannot live our lives in submission and fear.  Religion, all religion is a contraining force, a force that limits and defeats.  I am not a theist, i do not believe that satan exists as a literal being.  I believe that the word "satan" is just a word...a word that implies knowledge, choice, freedom, and will. 

i am inherently anti-religious and anti-dogmatic.  i have been since the second grade, and while i dislike preaching and anyone who preaches to me, i feel that my opinion must be voiced.  For if we do not excercise our freedom and our voice, if our will is left dormant, we are but sheep.

szymony szymony 16-17 11 Responses Sep 7, 2008

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Freedom is the highest virtue there is, I believe.

Hello there, atheist.<br />
<br />
You should just ignore the religious nuts, are they really worth your time?<br />
<br />
Because there is a title of something doesn't make it true or real. A lot of things people ba<x>se their understanding on can be false.

I totally agree with your anti-religious beliefs-- I refuse to be categorized as anything-- As soon as you label yourself as one thing you have sacrificed any part of you that may fall somewhere outside the boundaries of that category and in a way have then lost a part of your "self"

i don't believe in religion. I am anti religious to the farthest extent there is. i think submitting yourself to the will of someone else or some imaginary being is inane. I dislike being classified as anything, but for conversational purposes, you could call me a satanist. I simply use satan as a figurehead for my anti-christian sentiments and for stirring up the religious base in my area.

In a sense, but it is more structured than hedonism.

So Satanism is kind of like hedonism basically...

Atheism is a lack of religious belief; Satanism is a religious dogma that centers around free will, self service, and pleasure.

So what exactly is the difference between Satanism and atheism?

RT, Satanism is called that because its a response to Christianity, an Anti-Christianity if you will. In actuality it is: a modern religious tradition that requires adherents to seek only self-service. As odd as it may sound there is a difference between satanism and 'devil'-worship (which is what you're thinking of).

that is not true, RT. You're thinking of satan-worshippers.

Sounds to me more like you're an atheist. You can't really be a Satanist if you don't believe in Satan...