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Quite apart from the reversed pentagram jewelry I wear at all times, you'd never guess that I'm a Satanist. That is, until someone entangles me into a discussion on religion. I am one of those few Panentheistic Satanists out there. Yes, I do believe in a spiritual entity called Lucifer, I certainly do believe in Satan. But I do not believe in the Biblical entities of this name. My Satan is not your Satan. Think I'm a nut? Feel free. The reason I believe the way I do is that I can feel these spiritual entities around me at all times, and especially during rituals, when it's sometimes so strong that I myself go into a trance (no, I don't do drugs). Remember - one man's god is another man's demon. This is the way it's always been, this is the way it will remain until people finally manage to accept each other. I doubt this will ever happen.

Renich tasa uberaca bisa icar Lucifer!
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As a Muslim (who doesn't believe that Satan was an angel), but I like to say that Satan has been taught by the Prophets, you have never met Satan, and neither would we listen to anyone above the Prophets. We know for a fact that Satan doesn't care about people who become evil, if there is a Prophet in this world right now, he would be following him all the time, and not anyone else, neither did he care about his children who were drowned in the flood at the time of Prophet Noah peace be upon him.

Regardless of what you say, you can NEVER, change what the word Satan represents as a demon who is opposed to people who are good, once you are evil, he takes leave of you, in terms of he doesn't give a damn, he spends his time wishing for people to ignore the Creator of the world. So see you on the Day of Judgement, where we will all see Satan who will also be thrown into Hell to be punished, where he doesn't rule Hell either, as per Islam. where it wouldn't make any sense, where God is punishing some but not the others. So Satan would be laughing at you, and thinking little of you, and has an unintelligent individual.

Are you died now?

"I Aiten't Dead." Actually, I am very alive, and extremely well, thank you very much.

Even so, it *is* five years since I wrote this post, and although I still mean every word of every thing I've ever written on this site, I don't have as much time to waste on the Internet as I used to. I'm busy getting the most pleasure out of life, which is ultimately what Satanism is all about.

I am glad that God still give you chance to repent and Sun still rise on the east.

Have you ever heard Rebbeca Brown?

Do you mean the occultist, the swimmer, the fictional character or either of the various writers sharing that name? Either way, not to sound rude or anything, but you know what? I'm just not interested. Been there, done that, went to the shrink and got better. Whatever you have to say, I have probably heard it before, and in my ears it all sounds like one of those Xtian people who can't even argue logically about my beliefs without getting all pissy- ranty or try to use pseudo- psychological emotional stuff to win the argument. I'm tired of the argument anyway. I have no need of a deity or a group of people who tell me I'm a bad person, no thanks.

I meant to write my/ their beliefs. Adding this for clarity.

I thought you are apart of their coven because you believe in Lucifer. Are you apart of their follower? Do you drink blood, slay a baby and force children to do pornographyyyy?
I only curious.
I don't know what kind of believe that you act in life. I don't know about Xtian people.

I am having some trouble understanding what you're asking because of your language, but:

- I am not part of a "coven" - actually covens are a Wicca thing
- I don't drink blood, I am vegan
- I don't kill babies, I am vegan and probably end less life than you do in an average day
- I don't support child ***********, and am skeptical to most **** anyway, as it doesn't seem like most of the adult women enjoy what they do, with only a few exceptions.

These things you believe Satanists do have been terror propaganda about anything from the Jews, Protestants and Catholics to heretics and witches at least since the Middle Ages. I'm a historian, and have studied witchcraft beliefs in Western society, so I have good sources on this. You're basically giving the Malleus Malleficarum a modern twist. I can guarantee you that no serious Satanist actually does these things in the name of Lucifer or Satan or whatever unless they suffer from some sort of mental illness, or in the case of the blood drinking, have a blood fetish, and that's more BDSM territory anyway, and doesn't have anything to do with faith at all.

Oh, and since you don't seem to be aware of the common slang term; Xtian is an abbreviation of the word Christian.

Oh, EP, come on, why the cencoring of these words? Annoying. It says p o r n o g r a p h y and p o r n under there. Sheeses.

Ok. Thank you for the answer.

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so what has satanism helped you to gain? ie; money...

Who cares about money? Satanism has helped me understand that I need not feel guilty about being myself. I need to be myself fully to be happy, and Satanism is ultimately a quest for personal happiness. I am a stronger person in mind and body today than I was ten years ago, when my family expected me to be a good Christian. I have less anxiety and less doubt about my own adequacy, and I feel comfortable in my own skin. In short, I have gained peace of mind. You can't buy that.

i have no guilt or shame either,so can you tell me the basics,how you get into it,what to read etc,i meant no offense

Very well spoken, Hidden. You and I share very similar beliefs regarding Satan/Lucifer, I see. Glad to know I'm not the only one out there who knows this being personally, and believes in "Him," this way.

Well said

Very well said, I to believe in a powerful entity that I call Satan, but the Satan I respect does not resemble any biblical Satan. <br />
<br />
Nor does he desire to be worshiped in a Judeo Christian sense, but his presence is very welcomed in my life. He protects me and mine, and has given our Satanic Coven many gifts.<br />
<br />
Satan in Hebrew means adversary, and that is exactly what the Satan I respect is, an adversary to anything that inhibits spiritual growth and pleasure or pain.

This is all new to me and really interesting !!

I'm with you, in that while I like a LOT of what LaVey said, in all his books, there is also at least a bit that I don't like. It seems to me though that that attitude toward women is rather unique to LaVey, and certainly some of Crowley's stuff, as well. But I like what Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan said about females making the better sorcerers/sorceresses than men, due in part to the energy they wield with their period. A lot of the more Traditional, and actual Satan WORSHIPPING type groups of people view women with the highest regard of all that is, due to the power inherent in them. I tend to believe that women do indeed harbor a great power, and skill in naturally being able to USE that power; but still, gotta say, I've met some very powerful men in different paths, who just have a different way of accessing their powers than most women. But yes, many of us see women as a mirror of the Sacred Divine Femenine; particularly so with a Temple Mistress. She is Baphomet, the Earth Mother, a female aspect of Satan.

Thanks for all your comments. I will try to explain my beliefs a little better in a new story in this group shortly. I will try to answer all the questions asked here there (it's going to be a lengthy read).

"Remember - one man's god is another man's demon. This is the way it's always been, this is the way it will remain until people finally manage to accept each other. I doubt this will ever happen."<br />
<br />
I really agree with this statement and think it is very insightful and well thought out. You are, unfortunately, one of few Satanists I've heard talk about the religion as a spiritual thing instead of just a shock value or anti-christian thing. I'd really like to hear more about your beliefs. I try to be nonjudgemental and accepting of all belief systems, but I've had some problems accepting Satanism in the past that I'd like to get over. Mainly because I read in The Satanic Bible several years ago that women are inferior to men and are only here to serve them. Albeit, I've read similar sentiments in The Bible (the Christian one), that's always kind of stuck out and offended me. I thought the concepts of the religion sounded pretty good until I ran across that part of it. But since I read that, I've had a habit of scoffing whenever I run across a female Satanist. Maybe someone in this community can explain more about that part of the religion or set me straight.

I have read the Satanic Bible many, many times; never have I read a part that says women are inferior to men, or are here to serve them. What Satanic Bible are you reading?

Regardless of your beliefs I respect each persons right to belive in whatever they choose so long as they do not harm another. Hey if you want to worships daisies then I say go for it. Personally I enjoy learning about all and find myself ordering books or at the library. I want my children to choose their own way... whatever makes them happy and satisfies their heart. I'll be following more of your stories... very interesting. <br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing. <br />
<br />

Brook, who is to say, who or what you SERVE is evil? Does evil force you to do things you don't like or does evil look you in the eyes and tell you how much you mean before beating you? Evil, like most if not all concepts, is in the eyes of the beholder.

Hi Chovhani,<br />
Oh, I am not amused by it at all, it is very serious sh*t. Im curious as to why someone would want to serve something that evil. Im not judging, just trying to understand.

Brooklyn, I'm Pagan, and the Christians think WE are Satanists. But we are as bemused by it as you are. So a bit of education benefits everyone.

I am a trus Christian (and no not Catholic, that is just another corporation in the world)<br />
I have to say The thought of Sataism scares me to death! And my first thought is to pray for you. But I am very curious. Would you mind maybe explaining it to me?

I've been meaning to ask a Satanist this for a long time, where did your version of Lucifer come from, in particular the name. As we all know, the dude in the Bible that got translated as Lucifer was a King being dissed. Thanks in advance:)

Interesting. I'm a dedicated Christian myself, though not a Catholic. [Yay.]<br />
<br />
If you had the time, would you be willing to send me a message going into greater detail about your beliefs? I've always intended to be a very open-minded, non-judgmental person, but I can't do so without meeting the people I'd potentially judge.

You have an excellent outlook on this.. I would like to hear more about your views on Lucifer.