Got So Scared On A Rollercoaster I Wet Myself

im a 13 year old guy and this happened a year ago when i was 12 during the summer between 6th and 7th grade. me, my brother,sister, and 8 of my cousin went to knobelas amusement park(which had water and other rides) with a club my parents are in. my cousins and siblings teased me into going on the twister, a pretty averge rollar coaser that is considered pretty lame. on the top of the first hill i was so scared i wet my pants and tears started to come silently. luckly none noticed and i thought i could if i could make it to where people stand to get soaked from a waater rides splash none would ever know. sadly the twister was the first ride i wet on and my crocth was noticably soaked so halfway to the water ride my mom noticed and made a big deal it front of my older cousins and siblings and everyone in the near vicinity. though this is unrelaed to this group when i was changing the door flew open and over 20 people saw my tiny hairless thing. 

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Feb 28, 2010