She Has Come Undone

A haunting dream
One that never really leaves
It visits every so often
Last night was no different
Shaken and tired
How does one overcome it?

... ... ...

She runs to those welcoming arms
Letting herself wont to the touch
Encircling the core of her being
Finding that soothing solace
Akin to coming home
She has come undone.

She laughs with her heart next to his
Tickling her soul with mirth and delight
Exposing her spirit to the unknown
Venturing to bliss unforeseen
Almost divine yet worldly
She has come undone.

She watches as he walks away 
Hearing his footsteps fade in the shadows
Loosing the sweet scent of familiarity
Releasing the last stirring sensation
Approaching the end of her dream
She has come undone.

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
3 Responses May 4, 2011

Mick... if yours is a reality, you shouldn't come undone when he leaves. You should be whole and complete whether he's there or not. We don't need someone to complete us... we need someone to enhance us.<br />
<br />
This is a cross between a dream and a nightmare for a faerie. It leaves me sooo messed up when I wake up... strange though... hasn't occurred lately... hmmm...

I am beginning to get these dreams now.....the scent is familiar but his face is always in the shadow...I come undone when he leaves....haunting..... =(

Do you get the same dream over and over again, too? Like some scenes may be different... but the same scenario, same feelings...<br />
<br />
Mine does. Since I was a teenager. Messes me up real good. =(