September 11

My unit got called to help with the twin towers. I was only 19.I was scared but I knew it is my job. The building just kept collapsing. I turned and heard a woman cry . My friend and I tried to get her free but we couldn't the building was colllapsing . We couldn't help her she died
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Were you given trauma counselling? If you were, did it help? Were you able to talk through all those questions and feelings, maybe with others who were there? Did someone sit with you and let you talk it through?<br />
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Do you know how to help those who you couldn't help? Live well. That's the best revenge you can give them. Live life. Keep freedom alive.

damn..I am sorry you had to see that. But look at it this way, you helped out the country after a tramatic event. Every little bit helps in a time of crisis. I am too a vet, and I thank you for your service

OH MY GOD! I'm so sorry. I remember at that time I was in high school and from my high school we could see the smoke from the twin towers. That must have been an awful thing to have experienced. I'm so sorry you had to go through that =[