Not So Fast

yes, i have scorpio rising.  but i don't think there's much sense in drawing any solid conclusions from this alone.  the only way to truly understand anything in a chart is to consider the chart as a whole first, and then consider all of it's components in their context.  it's like a symphony..

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lol!! okay--fair enough. but i must say i can really relate to what you said about how you feel as opposed to what everyone sees. i'm a libra, in fact, i have five planets in libra. also, scorpio appears only once in my chart, in addition to being the only water sign. so having scorpio rising is somewhat awkward not to mention sort of misleading... i bet it is with a leo sun too! maybe even more so!<br />
anyway i totally understand what you mean about being skeptical at times-- some people's "gift" is the gift of bullshitting--too bad, it gives the legitimate psychics/astrologists out there a bad name--not cool. but still, in my own experience as well as study there is certainly something to it. <br />

Libra sun with Scorpio rising. So you appear serious, analytical, and reserved, but in reality you waver in your decisions (whether overtly or not)?

It's funny because based on your answer you seem like a typical scorpio rising: analytical and serious.<br />
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I'm the same, however because my sun sign is leo the extreme difference in how I feel as a leo and what everyone sees from my scorpio rising is quite different.<br />
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I've looked for a lot of evidence to go against astrology but when it comes down to it, a precise reading really seems to peg me like nothing else can.<br />
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I'm still somewhat skeptical at times because experts at cold reading can make anyone feel like they're being talked about specifically...