I'm dating a cancer woman who I can see it lasting forever with. I'm totally in love with her, yet we've had our ups and downs.. they're crazy at times as well.. We're on again off again, and I just want to be with her. I knew it the moment I met her. I'm totally in love with this cancer woman.

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Cancers are moody and controlling but loyal

I agree my guy is a cancer an he drives me insane at best and he's very controlling and I don't like it at all but the connection is intense. He can never stay one way his moods bounce back and fourth

Yeah that's why I couldn't deal with mine... Tooo moody and just plain nasty... He will find a good match for him...

Out intense connection was sex I realize that now

It really is I noticed that with my cancer guy as well

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Im Cancer girl and my Husband is Scorpio and he says the same thing about me.

Scorpios and Cancers have the soul mate kind of relationships. Our arguments are bitter but the way we make up afterwards is INTENSE :)

love is divine, have you told her yet? if not, that's okay, the right time and place will present itself.