I Will Literally Do Whatever It Takes To Get What I Want.


I control my boyfriend, who is a Pisces. I immediately knew he had wavering emotions, unlike mine, and so I took the approach to trap him in my web. I never came across as too emotional. I never came across as too attached. I never talked too much or appeared clingy, but the whole time I was plotting. Plotting the lies I would tell him. Plotting my ways to be with him. Plotting ways to get him to see me in a certain light. I always know when and how to reveal everything to get what I want. I time everything, and I always know how to form a perfect situation, and get the perfect reactions out of people.

I can't stand to be around people with no passion. They don't necessarily need to be ambitious, but they at least need to have strong emotions, and strong desires. Creativity is also import to me in the people I surround myself with.

Is being a passionate person a bad thing? I think not.
But whenever I feel out of control, if my lies are discovered, or I feel like I could be losing him, which has only happened a few times, I start to have a break down.

My mother is also a Pisces, but my relationship with her is not so fantastic. She loves me, but she doesn't understand why I'm so extremely intense about certain things, and then I have absolutely no concern with things I find trivial, things other "normal teenagers" enjoy.

100% Scorpio.
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2 Responses Aug 13, 2010

My mother and sister are Leo and I can not escape Leos most of the time. I think that your family influence who you will most likely date.

I have the Sun and Venus in Scorpio, as well as two other planets. Yes, Deeply Scorpion. Control issues, passion, emotional intensity, power struggles, are all part of the territory. Be careful with me. Also be careful if you are like me. We Scorpios can be self-destructive . Watch those little power-games you play. Think about what you REALLY want. You want him to love you. Wholly. Totally. Completely. Right? The way you yourself love. But how can he do this if you feel you have to lie to him? Let him know you. Sooner or later, to get what you really want, you must drop all pretences and reveal yourself. Only then can he truly love you. YOU. completely, everything you are. Isn't that what you want, deep down...?