Confused By Scorpio

I'm a sag he's scorpio, we didn't know each other but met in a Hollaween party and the irristable attraction made us have sex that night. I had bf at that time but was about to end so I ended w/ my ex and walk to him.
He was extremly nice to me at the beging but we never say we are together however we act like we are.
He already know my ex and I have finacial issue need to clear when he know me however still get jealous when I got calls form my ex in front of him.
Anyway we've date for 3 month so far but recently he's become so cold to me for no reason.
He had 2 weeks vacation w/ his brother in Philipin, the date he back was the Friday before Valentien's day, both of us need to work on V day so he just gave me the V day present on Friday and we still see each other for the following days.
Right after V day, he start to txt me less then usual but I thought he was busy for the work. After few days, I complain him that he txt me less then he just reply :"ya", that night I txt him said that u know u r important to me and u know I like u a lot, u could say anything to me straightly even u met someone, I don't want to be a fool but he didn't reply at all.
BTW, during the time he was not here, I got an e-mail from my ex saying that he met the co-worker of the scorpio guy and they were drunk and told my ex some bad gossip about the scorpio and he's writing me to warn me he is not a good guy. (my ex has already got gf) I didn't really care about those gossip but what pissed me off is why would the co-worker of scorpio guy would talk **** behind his back, they are good friends. So I hold this secret w/ myself only.
After few days, I'm actually not good in the past few days and I really can't stand the silence of scorpio men, I called him saying u know I like u a lot, told u if u want to play game not here I still don't know why u r being silence then I told him the gossip I heard. He asked me to forward the mail to him but I deleted it which not found, so next day I asked my ex to resend that mail to be but he reply me by mail said he didn't save mail and said scorpio is not a good guy again. I didn't forward this mail to scorpio guy at that time.
Next day I found the scorpio guy delete me from his facebook again, so I got pissed then I txt him that I want get my things back then won't disturb him anymore (I have some stuff left in his place), so I did got my thing back.
After that I txt him saying I'm sori we end like this, but we've cing each other 3 monthes appereantly u don't want to be w/ me and u delete me for 2 time its no respeact at all, I don't want emotional play, u know I want to be w/ u. I can't stand a person who doesn't communicate. I'm sori n I love you.

So this is my story, do u guys think he and I will have any possiblilty in the future? Would he contact w/ me after a while?
Could any Scorpio man tell me what it might be of his behavior for why he might be suddenly being so cold?
Why wouldn't he say it out if he just want to over everything we have?

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He is using you. Not because he is a scorpio just because he is using you for sex

The hole story looks like just excitements,no Maturity in him but not in your self either, Your ex from before looks to be a much better man. If you go on like this in your life,you are never going to have a long lasting relationship or Marriage. You should really go to your self,you looks to pick up wrong men into your life and what ever movement or change you make in your life has always to do with your own decision. Most people looks to blame in their relationship the other one for everything,but nobody newer make the decision at all for you to start a relationship with somebody,you do it by your self. If you want a change for better in your life,then start to dig in your self,why you pick up men like that,but I warn you because in the end of the day you perhaps found out that you are not Mature enough by your self to get the right man for a good relationship. That is exactly what I find out too and I had to make a big change in my self.

Give him another chance.

You'll be ok. Some time these things just don't work out. Maybe since you had it on the 1st meeting he may have just thought you are a good time girl and not serious. Keep going on in life you're one true love still has a chance to sweep you off your feet. Love D

ShardTheBroken<br />
<br />
u r right, it just kinda hard to get over it.<br />
It's like a voice in my heart push me to get over it, in the other voice is asking me... r u sure u want to get over him? I still feel for him...<br />
<br />
Kinda don't understand why we have the feeling toward someone that is not right?<br />
However we couldn't control our feeling.<br />
I also wonder is he chickened out? am I too nice to him?<br />
or is about the gossip I heard?<br />
His action kinds seems the gossip is trrue, but I actually don't care if the gossip is true even the gossip is true I don't have the right to judge him or questions on him since we never been together.<br />
<br />
What does a 33 year old man thinking?

To be honest, if he's gonna be like that, do you even want him to contact you? <br />
<br />
Just think how much happier you could be with someone who doesn't blank you and do stuff like that.<br />
<br />
Reading through what I've just written, it looks a little bit mean, but I'm only thinking about YOUR happiness.