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Sexy Scorpio



These are just a few of the things that describe this Sexy Scorpio! I love being a Scorpio!!
sexxydiva sexxydiva 36-40, F 33 Responses Apr 14, 2011

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Best woman I ever knew was a Scorpio

Aquarians and Scorpios usually don't go together very well. You are a gem.

Thank you and you are a Gem too (((HUGS)))

Thank YOU dear Lady. (((HUGS and a KISS)))

I like that you arranged your thoughts
in a way
I would do it, too.


Thank You!! :)

I don't know what it is, but I am a Gemini and I am always attracted to Scorpios.?

Perhaps its our essence... ;)

It could be, you do have a very powerful draw. Like a magnet.

Just draws you in...;)

My best friend was a gemimi im a Scorpio :-)

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Always like knowing fellow scorpios. Especially sexy ones like you. ;)

Me too sexxy! :)

I'm a Scorpio too, what happens when two scorpios get together though?

I'm not sure to so powerfully intense people can be together for a long period of cause a melt down..:)

Sounds like a lot of fun in any case ;)

Indeed rememberable...)

Ha ha I really can't imagine "being" with a female version of myself. I'm sure the sparks would fly but it could also result in a trip to hospital for one or both of us!

Nah we are intense but not overly dangerous a fall could

Yes this true, getting a bit warm under the collar thinking about all that passion!

Could end in disaster my sister and I are Scorpio at one point we got along sooooo well other times we are like oil and water but I tell you this when a fight happens (not physical)its like twin dragons fighting epic! My mothers see em coming and tells us both to end it now or shes going home

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Scorpio's courting all the usual controversies. That's the life of a scorp. Filled with passion, fire, conflict, but also intense love, loyalty and emotion. I love being a scorpio :-)

As you should afterall it is who you are...:-)

as a fellow scorpio i cannot help, in all modesty, but agree with you :)

Being a Scorpio I am not surprised you do..We are who we are...:-)

amen to that :)

Hmmmm Scorpio is my opposite sign in the Zodiac. I am a Taurean. I find Scorpio women incredibly sexy, alluring, sultry, erotic, confident and most of all they make wonderful friends and partners. Sexxy Diva I know you're all that baby ;-)

Thank you so much! Yes I'm all that. :-)

Thanks Girl..I am who I;-)

Thanks Photo! :-)

Truth in every adjective.

I'm one too but I don't see myself as sexy.

What!!!!! Sure you do You have look at yourself in the mirror for a long while and look deep your shell is blocking your own view if you don't open up to anyone else open up to yourself darlin ;-)

Me too!! :-)

luv being a Scorpio

I'm a Scorpio too.

cool. I should write something about me.

:-) Not many people can say

And if don't know now you

We Scorpios are ALL that and a bag of chips...:)

You too PT!!!

What's Not to Love.... :-)

THANKS!!! :-)

wow this is a great story

I am Scorpio also and I think this describes me very well, My birthday is Nov. 1st when is yours?

We have alot in common :P

@feelinggroovy..So true it's hard to get in but once you do we can be too loyal and too caring and yes it has gotten me into trouble. TOO PASSIONATE but yes this is me. I AM WHO I AM!!!

Sometimes....too loyal, and too caring. I know as a Scorpio, this has gotten me in trouble in the past. But you know what? That's who I am, and it's not gonna change now. Thanks for sharing sexxy one.

@withnoname It's tough sometimes being a Scorpio...We are often misunderstood and often get ourselves into trouble. But wouldn't change the fact that I am a Sexy Scorpio for nothing!!!

Thats me. People can tell I am a scorpio before I tell them.

And you are most correct cross us and there will be hell to But you will never find one more loyal than us. We love hard and our very caring and protective of those in our circle.

i'm more of a dinosaur than a scorpion but feel free to add me to the mix.

I'm a scorpio too, but not sure I can match that. Have a great week.