The Scorpio Of U

I can't deney that I still think about u from time to time, I wish u the best and hope u r happy now.
I don't know what's going on w/ me that I still think about u though I know u don't belong to me anymore but the other women.
I tried to keep my life busy not to think about it that much but still dont' know why, from time to time I still think about u.
Do u think about me sometimes? riMaybe
Thank for the good time. Thank u for everything, I thought it's gonna work however things didn't come as I expect or maybe I expect too much?! God knows. I guess it still take some time for me to let go off everything or need to wait till I meet the next person? I dont even know. It's been almost a not like me. I'm fine and I'll be better I know hope things go well w/ u.
Maybe ...maybe that's the real u, the side I didnt' know.
I don't want u to back even u want to I wouldn't accept it cause I know the conflict in between and it will not work at all, what will work is an ending, I will meet someone else in my life in the future I know just don't know when.
Met few guys still don't have feeling, maybe beause of u still in somewhere out there, it will gone one day I know.
Thanks for the good time, it was nice to meet u and know u some how.
: )
TaiwanSag TaiwanSag
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 22, 2011