2012 Yearly Horoscope


Scorpio, 2012 is your year of reckoning! You worked yourself to the bone in 2011, and now you've hit a major impasse. You've got until October to continue experimenting with what you want out of life; after that, big decisions must be made. Saturn is about to take up residence in your constellation for the first time in nearly 30 years. This planet rules karma, time and integrity, so each of these will be key themes throughout the year. Your values will be tested during the last quarter of the year, so get all your ducks in a row by then to avoid the stress of Saturn's inquisition. The good news is that a weight is about to be lifted from your consciousness, and all the background melancholy you may have felt over the past few years should lighten up.

A major eclipse pattern takes hold of your stars in autumn 2012. November's total solar eclipse in Scorpio is sure to rock the very foundation of your life, so get ready for some major shifts in your relationships. Your life will definitely not be the same by the time 2013 rolls around. You're a butterfly and a phoenix - expect to shed some major skin this year.

This could also be one of the most socially driven years you've ever seen. With Mars activating your house of friendship and goals in the sign of Virgo, expect a majority of your energy to be engaged with a barrage of social situations. It's all for a good cause, however, and will translate into your bigger life goals; in fact, a good portion of the parties you attend will have some sort of work component behind them. And with glamorous Neptune moving back into your pleasure sector in February, life will suddenly become very art-house cinema for you.


With Neptune returning to your romance sector for the next several years, your love life is about to take a poetic turn. A deep, soulful connection becomes the prerequisite for hooking up from now on! You won't settle for anything less than a soul-stirring union that inspires you to create art. Your lover becomes your muse, and vice versa.

The only caveat to this inspired transit is to avoid the blind delusion of Neptune. Although there's always some level of projection and idealizing when in love, that doesn't mean you have to fall blindly into a situation with potentially destructive partners. Keep your wits about you, and do your usual background check before giving your heart away. There's a feeling of destiny when Neptune is in the picture. The winds of fate can be very fickle, so keep yourself grounded.

With Saturn entering your constellation near your birthday, you'll be ready to go through a maturation process, regardless of your age. Saturn requires absolute integrity and commitment in all arenas of your life - especially relationships. This requires you to get very clear on where your line in the sand is, and what you will and will not put up with in relationships. There will be no more dragging anyone's heart around once Saturn enters the picture. You've been through enough losses over the past few years to understand that there's no point in getting even. It's time to relinquish the weight of the past and move bravely forward. This especially holds true in November, when the total solar eclipse in Scorpio accelerates fast-forward change!


As long as Uranus continuing to exert its zany influence in your work sector, you'll continue to be pushed to new ground! You've been learning how to think outside the box over the past year, and now it's starting to become an entire way of working for you. You can translate this new genius into moneymaking opportunities by applying the discipline of Saturn as it arrives in your chart this October. If you've felt all over the map the past few years, you'll welcome Saturn's urgent influence as motivation to gain focus. Procrastination is soon to become a thing of the past for you.

You'll be feeling more ambitious than ever with the imminent influence of Saturn. It's one of those years when you'll constantly make bucket lists in terms of career goals and worldly ambition. What are you here to accomplish? These larger questions loom heavier than ever before. No more playing the passionate dilettante when it comes to your career. Your agenda is too large for that now.

With Mars exerting its pushy influence in your goal sector for the entire first half of 2012, you'll have a near-impossible time directing your energy anywhere besides working to manifest your dreams. You benefit by association with kindred spirits and could find yourself working in more group situations than usual; you may even be involved in teaching or performing for large groups. Friends will play a vital role in furthering your career goals this year, so never underestimate the power of who you know.
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Hello scorpio author, i am a fellow scorp. While your post is great, the site bridgettwalther.com is posting doomsday forecast for scorpio's health week after week. The begininng of the year she posted somehting on the cardiovascular health of scorps, later it was again as if scorps are going to leave behind their loved ones without the proper precautions. Some weeks later she did it again and again and again pls check out the lovescopes and career scopes for this week. <br />
<br />
Seeing the first post i developed a severe anxiety attack lasting nearly several weeks. It had to be medically treated. The second post gave me another, and the third another, though i have gotten over most of them, i still have the sequelae owing to these doomsday predictions. Since her it is a paysite for everyday predictions alone, i wonder if there is a commercial purpose to it.

where do I find about other sun signs?


Sounds good career wise, fingers crossed :-)<br />
Good post.

Sounds good! Yeah, I'll be waiting to verify as well! I'd love my Scorpio *** to finally get something positive in my life!

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